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Bilderberg 2013 Countdown: Get Ready for My Daily Bilderblog

Posted: 04/06/2013 00:00

Do you Bilderberg? Or rather, do you know Bilderberg? Nope? Well given the dark cloak of secrecy shrouding the shadowy annual conflab don't feel bad for not getting the memo. For the uninitiated, each year the world's elite bankers, royalty, parliamentarians and CEOs self-imprison themselves in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world for a weekend of, well, who knows...?

This year - this Thursday in fact - the Bilderberg Group is descending upon a small corner of Watford and will be holing themselves up at the plush Grove hotel. Not letting the fact my invitation was clearly lost in the post get me down, I will be blogging each day from the site to deliver gossip fresh from the Grove gates.

Now whilst they'd have us believe Bilderberg is just a jolly holiday constituting a few golf rounds, some hardcore breeze-shooting and most certainly hotel suite one-upmanship, the water-tight security, zero accountability and nebulous agenda could suggest it's a shade more serious than that. Indeed, local residents nearby the Grove will be forced into flashing their passports to police simply to access their homes. That's some pretty sticky red tape for an apparently, "small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum." A consortium so clandestine it makes Freemasonry look like Watford Lions Club.

So which technocrats can we expect at the mega-summit in 2013? Only one thing's assured: hardened Bilderberg veterans with a side order of young whipper-snappers. Each year the old guard (Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Queen Beatrix of Holland) woo increasingly more young blood into the warmth of the Bilderbosom. Recent years saw the appearance of Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, PayPal's Peter Thiel, LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman and Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes at the Bilderparty.

Reading like a who's-who of international capitalism, the 150 strong delegate list is always revealed pre-conference for our delectation. Representing Team GB in 2013 is George Osbourne, Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson, Ken Clarke, Barclays chairman, Marcus Agius, BP CEO, Robert Dudley and John Micklethwait, editor of the Economist. Mandelson is a regular and and Clarke is on the steering committee.

It was revealed last week who will be footing the mammoth security bill for this off-the-record meeting. Why it's us of course! Oh the irony of the uber-elite scratching around in the Great Unwashed's public purse to secure their weekend sojourn. An uber-elite whose combined wealth hasn't been witnessed in Watford since Elton John threw the last Watford FC Christmas bash. Probably.

As people have awakened to the hush-hush conference's existence, thousands of concerned citizens and activists will be flying in from all corners of the world to peacefully express their concern at Bilderberg this Thursday. The meeting's unaccountability only serves to fuel speculation that (contrary to the 'innocent meeting' spin) Bilderberg is potentially used to steer geo-political policy. It is this fundamental gripe which underpins the pro-transparency protestors' ire.

For the first time ever, 2013 welcomes the Bilderberg Fringe, an event within the grounds of the Grove which will showcase international speakers, acoustic music and spoken word. The application for a license to hold a larger festival at Cassiobury Park was rejected by local authorities. The Fringe will also play host to the first ever press area at Bilderberg.

What implications does Bilderberg have for global governance? We will likely never know for sure. This weekend, however, promises to be a frenzy of activity with activists, media and photographers clamouring to play Spot The Delegate as they zip by in a cavalcade of armoured vehicles.

If you want live Twitter updates from the Bilderberg circus and beyond follow me @EllenGraceJones as well as @Bilderberg_2013. For more information about the Bilderberg Fringe visit www.bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk


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Do you Bilderberg? Or rather, do you know Bilderberg? Nope? Well given the dark cloak of secrecy shrouding the shadowy annual conflab don't feel bad for not getting the memo. For the uninitiated, each...
Do you Bilderberg? Or rather, do you know Bilderberg? Nope? Well given the dark cloak of secrecy shrouding the shadowy annual conflab don't feel bad for not getting the memo. For the uninitiated, each...
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Recency  | 
55 minutes ago (15:57)
George Osborne and Ed Milliband are conspiring together. Oh that's SO plausible.

I find it astonishing that adults really and truly belive that there is a vast world conspiracy controlled by Build-a-Bears.

Ian Llangan
Your Invisible Sky Friend Is Morally Abhorrent
1 hour ago (15:31)
If they are not up to something that is at least mildly nefarious, then they should have an agenda released at the start and a media statement released at the end. At any rate, any elected official who attends is supposed to be accountable to the public and as such should be able to provide those documents, even if royalty, banksters and the like are not required to do so.
abandon hope
4 hours ago (13:02)
It's where the worlds wealthiest decide how A)They can keep hold of their money,B)How they can make the plebs work even harder,for even less.
5 hours ago (12:14)
"@Louisa__Daniels it's shocking. Whats even more shocking is what people naively believe what the MSM feeds them"

As oppposed to naively believing viral youtube videos ? Absolutely shocking level of gullibility repeatedly shown by 'Evolver London'. Woolwich hoax, Sandy Hook didn't happen, Chemtrails. It's a checklist of nonsense. Do they just believe literally every single conspiracy theory? If 'Evolver London' 'analyses with a critical eye', how on earth can you believe everything?

steve sayers
Old enough to know better
5 hours ago (11:26)
5 hours ago (12:06)
Sorry, didn't mean to wake you. Off you go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here. Don't worry your pretty little head.
5 hours ago (11:25)
They probably all just sit in a room laughing their rich heads off at the revolting peasants and their silly scurrying antics.
Gareth Milner
6 hours ago (10:38)
Conspiracy theorists could have a field day with anything and everything if they put their minds to it. Even suggesting that there must be a conspiracy, because it is so hard to believe otherwise etc.
Ellen Grace Jones
6 hours ago (11:18)
Conspiracy theorist 'debunkers' could have a field day with anything and everything if they put their minds to it. Even suggesting that there can't be a conspiracy, because it is so hard to believe otherwise etc.

Right so let me get this straight - because people are legitimately questioning what goes on behind closed doors when the heads of big tax avoiding mega-corps like Amazon and Google meet with financial parliamentarians like George Osbourne and Ed Balls they're 'conspiracy theorists'? I call that common sense, critical thinking.
Gareth Milner
5 hours ago (11:41)
There's a difference between critical thinking, and pulling things out of thin air. The truth is that we may never know what goes on in these kind of meetings. Some people worry more about the fact that we don't/wont know what happens, than the actual decisions that these people make (should they ever reach the light of day).
5 hours ago (11:58)
On the flipside, do you apply critical thinking to conspiracy theories yourself? Do you question the opinions that you are spoon fed by the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones etc
16 hours ago (01:20)
Hi Ellen are you responsible for the tweets at www.twitter.com/evolverlondon ?
Ellen Grace Jones
6 hours ago (11:21)
No I'm not, it's someone else
5 hours ago (11:53)
Do they/you believe the Woolwich attack was a hoax? This tweet seems to imply support for a video that only the dangerously gullible would fall for?

“@HuffPostUK: Details emerge of Woolwich bombing suspects http://huff.to/1ab96fG ” what about these details ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfa3gXTqOH8

"I call that common sense, critical thinking. '

That video doesn't really stand up to a second's worth of critical thinking. Appreciate it may be someone else but you appear to be the founder?
Quant Je Puis
1 hour ago (15:43)
Pt 2

If you come from a City or even a town likely you will have a chamber of commerce, that's where local businessmen and women get together to brainstorm and decide what is best for the city to progress and what difficulties or challenges face it in future years.
Its only the hard of thinking that can see anything other than what this meeting is all about, indeed, I would be surprised if there were not meetings of this type, maybe Gideon can corner the google boss and tell him to pay his taxes. Bilderberg is the ideal opportunity to do so.

Do not fear the future.
16 hours ago (00:35)
There minutes from the meetings from 50 years ago can be found online. Nothing really sinister happens. Although I suppose back then some of the stuff that was said could be considered sinister or treasonous. Such as getting each European country to give up nationalism and cooperate. So in all honestly, I totally get why they keep it a secret.