Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution

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Authoritarian, anti-democratic power networks are being re-branded as trendy, philanthropic-style forums

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
May 13, 2013

Eric Schmidt. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently undergoing a major transformation that will see it and other high profile networks merge under the banner of Google as the elite accelerates its plan to consolidate its technocratic agenda.

This past weekend, Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Jon Scobie visited the luxury Grove Hotel in Watford, UK, site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference set to take place June 6-9, a clandestine annual gathering of over 100 of the world’s most influential power brokers in the fields of politics, academia, technology, business and banking.

The investigation was prompted by our sources, who advised us to visit the Grove in advance of Bilderberg 2013. This is part one of what promises to be a developing story as the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place backed up by years of Bilderberg tracking and research.

What we discovered was groundbreaking and represents one of if not the most important development in Bilderberg’s 59 year history.

Put simply, Bilderberg is merging with Google under the stewardship of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, a regular Bilderberg attendee. Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference, which has been based at the Grove since 2007, immediately precedes the Bilderberg Group conference by a matter of days.

Backed up by prior research, we were able to confirm in conversations with hotel managers and others that the Grove is now a central base for Google’s agenda to control the global political and technological landscape.

The talk in the Grove is not of Bilderberg, that is barely a footnote, the real excitement centers around Google Zeitgeist, which was described by the London Independent as, “a cuddlier version of the Bilderberg Group, the supposedly shadowy network of financiers that holds a private annual assembly, recast in the image of our new tech masters.”

Bilderberg is indeed being recast as ‘Google-Berg’ – partly because of efforts on behalf of activists to tear away the veil of Bilderberg’s much cherished secrecy, and partly as a means of re-branding authoritarian, undemocratic secret gatherings of elites as trendy, liberal, feel-good philanthropic-style forums like Google Zeitgeist and TED.

In reality, behind the scenes Google is using such forums as proving grounds on which to form the consensus that shapes the globe. We were told directly that the organizers behind the so-called “Arab Spring,” which began in Tunisia and Egypt, which as we have documented is in fact a series of contrived western-backed color revolutions masquerading as organic uprisings, were recruited by Google and subsequently attended the Zeitgeist conference at the Grove.

It’s also well documented that the man responsible for kick-starting the “revolution” in Egypt, which led to the installation of a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship which the west can now use as a justification for further intervention, was Google employee Wael Ghonim.

Google’s growing influence within both the British and American governments is also well documented. Eric Schmidt was a campaign advisor and a major donor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. He was also reportedly offered the post of Treasury Secretary within the Obama administration. In Britain, Google representatives have met no less than 23 times with Conservative Party officials since the general election in 2010. David Cameron addressed the inaugural 2006 Zeitgeist conference before going on to become Prime Minister four years later. British Chancellor George Osborne paid a visit to Zeitgeist just weeks before he also attended Bilderberg 2011 in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

The crossover between Zeitgeist and Bilderberg has deepened in recent years, with the London Telegraph comparing the power of the Google confab to the World Economic Forum in Davos, “attracting figures of global significance to talk and to network.”

Former US President Bill Clinton, groomed by the Bilderberg Group, has also given speeches at Zeitgeist, as has fellow Bilderberg attendee Prince Charles. Another Telegraph report described Zeitgeist as, “one of the most high-powered gatherings of business leaders, thinkers and those that are considered to generally shape the global future.”

Google is clearly positioning itself to become a force more powerful than governments in controlling and monitoring people’s behavior across the globe through all manner of different means, from cars that drive themselves (and are constantly tracked by a centralized Google database), to Google Glass which is akin to having a Google microchip in your forehead, to Google’s deep involvement in manipulating mass movements through social media as they did in Egypt and Tunisia.

The Grove Hotel is a perfect staging ground for such machinations given its role in World War 2 as a “secret wartime HQ for the London, Midland & Scottish Railway” named “Project X”.

The direction in which this is all heading can clearly be surmised from remarks made by Eric Schmidt himself, who has repeatedly made it clear that he thinks privacy is a relic of the past and plans to turn Google into the ultimate Big Brother that makes George Orwell’s 1984 look like a children’s fairy tale.

“We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

“I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions [...] They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.”

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

“We need a [verified] name service for people,” he said. “Governments will demand it.” (Chinese-style Internet control).

“We know everything you’re doing and the government can track you.”

“We will know your position down to the foot and down to the inch over time…Your car will drive itself, it’s a bug that cars were invented before computers…you’re never lonely…you’re never bored…you’re never out of ideas.”

In numerous speeches, including those made at Google Zeitgeist, Schmidt has outlined his vision for a collectivist, permanently networked world in which individuality and privacy are ostracized and those who refuse to sign up to the new religion of transhumanism are shunned as sub-human savages.

That is the primary agenda now being formulated by Google Zeitgeist luminaries in concert with the Bilderberg Group, which shares many of the same members.

A Busy Time at the Grove

Our source told us that there were “four or five big conferences” coming up at the Grove in May, June and July, but intimated that Google Zeitgeist was clearly considered the biggest, with the 227 room hotel not even large enough to accommodate all the guests and administrative staff required to be in attendance, adding that they had to be put up in London hotels.

Huge temporary structures, watched by security guards, were also being constructed on grounds near to the hotel when we visited. These are set to be used for Google’s ‘Big Tent’ event, which is a more public showcase than their private ‘Zeitgeist’ confab. Whether the facilities will also be used by the Bilderberg Group remains to be seen.

The source emphasized that Grove staff had been told not to disclose any information about the Zeitgeist conference and that Google only released information they wanted the public to know. However, the upcoming confab was the talk of the bar and both employees and guests were clearly excited about it.

The source said that security for the event was the same as when heads of state would visit and that the hotel was coordinating with “state security” to run the conference, which inevitably means that taxpayer money will be used to fund the operation, as it is admittedly being used to provide security for Bilderberg. He added that the likes of Google and Bilderberg chose the Grove as a venue because security was far easier to provide compared to hotels in London which are surrounded by high-traffic streets.

Bilderberg’s 2013 Agenda

In terms of Bilderberg’s agenda for the 2013 confab, early indications from our inside source have thrown up a number of different issues that will be up for discussion before Bilderberg instructs its members to implement the agreed upon consensus in each of their fields of influence.

Bear in mind that the motivation behind Bilderberg’s scheming can probably best be encapsulated by remarks made by Bilderberg luminary Henry Kissinger which recently came to light thanks to Wikileaks.

“Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, ‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.’ [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I’m afraid to say things like that,” said Kissinger.

At least some if not all of the following issues will be discussed and agreed upon at Bilderberg 2013.

- Targeting Iran’s nuclear processing facilities for destruction via air strikes within the next 3 years if Tehran refuses to give up its nuclear program.
- Prolonging the war in Syria by arming the rebels and overturning recent military victories by Assad’s forces.
- The threat of a global pandemic, caused in part by rising resistance to antibiotics, which given the role of some of the pharmaceutical companies represented at Bilderberg in “accidentally” releasing viruses is somewhat rich.
- The manufacturing revolution of 3D printing and ways to control it and prevent the democratization of production.
- So-called “cyber resilience,” which means more state control over the Internet. There is much talk of “Digital Wildfires” – they are scared stiff about losing control over information dissemination.
- Setting up a Ministry of Truth for the Internet similar to that advocated by Bill Clinton. Controlling what can be published on the Internet.
- Advancing so-called “smart cities” that spy on every aspect of public behavior. Installing systems like Intellistreets that record street conversations. Rolling out the landscape of the technocracy.
- The threat caused to social stability by declining living standards and wealth.
- A desperate last gasp move to prevent Britain from leaving the EU and crushing the dream of a centralized European federation.
- More bailouts to prop up the euro.
- Minimal economic growth in 2013.
- Increasing the amount of power obtained by central banks under the guise of “bank reform”.
- Organizing more aggressive powers of tax collection
- Managing a growing credit bubble that threatens runaway inflation in Europe.

We will expand more on Bilderberg’s 2013 agenda as and when more information is obtained from our sources.

View a selection of photos from The Grove, site of Bilderberg 2013 and Google Zeitgeist below.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

This article was posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 at 10:07 am

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39 Responses to “Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution”

  1. Alex Darkke says:

    Unfortunately these dummies don’t realize they will loose everything. Should they develop AI and allow a machine to create robots, it will deem man (the elite) as destructive, and move to remove that destructive nature. Like with the one episode of Star Trek (the first one) where robots had taken over the enterprise and were planning to enslave all of the galaxy because humans needed to be ‘protected’. These idiots are racing to their own destruction.. Pretty much they will all just become yet another ‘Borg drone’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What would happen if everyone in the U.S. and as many countries as wanted, stopped using Google, and Google products for a time? Would that send a message or are they now so imbedded in the culture that it does not matter, they are independent of us?

    What alternatives do we have? I am not satisfied with privacy in Windows either- ?

  3. Madmatt says:

    I thought the Grove looked like a prison from the front but it looks like an insane asylum from the back yard tranquility garden.

    So does that mean I wouldn’t fit or blend in with the Builderberg group?

    Damn…I feel so ostracized. I even had experience working with the special needs folks of all ages.

  4. Snowy Smith says:

    New World Order Communist Dictatorship.

    China is a communist dictatorship where freedom of speech is completely outlawed. Environmental regulations are virtually never enforced. The culture is one of total deception where lying, cheating, stealing or committing fraud to get ahead is considered completely acceptable

    WOW that sounds exactly like the coming New World Order Communist Dictatorship.

  5. Cyber says:

    It would not take a lot of logistics to round peeps on FB, and here, and anywhere in cyber space where they can get an IP, regarding anyone who oppose the criminal elite. I do agree with Alex Jones,if we stick together that scenario would be a much harder task to complete. We are stronger together then divided, Now more than ever we must get the word out, wake up more and more people,We are on the March remember,no one said to stop marching, do not let your guard down,We must endure,we must relentlessly pursue these criminals until, justice is served and the rest of humanity can prosper in our own destiny.

    • carldoso says:

      its a sad affair when smart and good people choose to sleep walk through life. we need a revolution so shocking it will scare the life out of people as to waken they senses.

  6. Distorted Reality says:

    Dept of “Homeland” Security, has purchased over 2 Billion rounds of Ammo. Including Hllow Point, which everyone knows is more expensive than regular bullets, and Hollow Points are not allowed for use in war. They claim the purchases are for “target practice” really? Who’s the target’s? They were busted a few months ago for having paper targets of pregnant women and children!! 2700 Light Armored Mine Resistant Tanks for use in the streets of America. We are being manipulated and lied to on a grand scale. It’s people like us that will make a difference. Listen to my broadcasts and spread the word. Strength in numbers!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This kind of system is not allowed to reinvent itself because collectivist authoritarians want those who refuse to drink the Tang, dead.

    One EMP blast and it all comes down without reinventing TCP/IP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So much for “Don’t be evil”.

  9. Cliffhanger says:

    Would it be wise to uninstall Google Chrome or any Google APP from our computers?

  10. arwijn says:

    That statue looks horrendous!

  11. Anonymous says:

    think they’d mind a few mini drone copters with cameras so we can see who is coming and going? Or we could just wait a few days and see who starts sporting their new google glass in public ;)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bilder bergs and steins lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    The trendies love Google so the plan should work quite well.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Almost time to drop off the grid. At last i will be hunting food with my sons and wife in the wild, free from this suburbian nightmare. I don`t know how long we will last, but being free people for the first time in our lives feels pretty good. I want nothing to do with society anymore. Perhaps we will meet like minded folks and gain trust, i don`t know where it goes from here, perhaps i`m not ment to, i think we will do ok.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They care about us so much they even show concern for our very thoughts…..

  16. Cyber says:

    Thanks Alex and gain for all the hard work in keeping us awake and informed,and for all the updates.
    Great Job Mr.Watson <3

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is the creepiest, scariest thing I have ever read. Ever.

  18. infowarriorinaction says:

    very interesting article. followed some links, too. will research the Baxter comments further. noticed in the above pix it appears that someone took a tulip plant. ;)

  19. amireal says:

    In order to control the Internet, Google will need to consolidate control of all ISP’s and all host providers. Google will need to buy up all big host providers like Rackspace and GoDaddy

  20. copperhead says:

    almost like the star trek episode where kirk fights roger corby in the battle of the androids

  21. Anonymous says:

    Eric Schmidt is an easy target. I don’t understand how people like that have become so damn insane. Their thinking is obviously wrong. You shouldn’t embrace the destruction of privacy, you should defend against it. Schmidt just made himself a giant target. I had no idea about him but he’s added to the list now. These people can’t hide. Don’t they know gathering in one place makes it simpler to end them all at once? They should worry about things like that.

  22. Anonymous says:



  23. Battle Hymn says:

    Google is a seemingly unstoppable beast.

  24. rustymason says:

    Google’s search engine turns the WWW into one giant website; Google controls where you go and what you see on it. That is why people say that Google “owns” the Interwebs, because they have too much control over who sees the content.

  25. patriotdefender says:

    Don’t you buy a word of this BS!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Time to start making some Bilderberg memes mentioning the use of taxpayer funds. We’ve got a little less than a full month to wake others up to this.

  27. rustymason says:

    I don’t want to be a Borg. Real life, real growth, real thinking, real loving, exist only in private spaces. Destroy private spaces and you destroy all life. Schmidt is a devil. He says there is no escape from the totalitarian hell he is creating, and there is nothing you can or should do about it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Release the Kraken! Bilderberg 2013 needs to be Bidondied!

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is becoming more and more disturbing as the years go by. I am having to rethink not only my behavior but what activities I will do in the future as I don’t want to be part of this Satanic agenda. I get so angry thinking about it but as David Icke has said, there are energy vampires that love the negative energy that everyone produces when they show their emotions.

    • Battle Hymn says:


      • Anonymous says:

        If you find it so funny, listen to the video with Credo Mutwa who was interviewed by David Icke in the early 1990′s. I’m sure you can find it on Youtube. If you think Icke is way out there, check out holographic blood which I confirmed after watching David Icke speak.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What a relief! Bilderberg will now be ‘for the people’ since gooogle is involved. All you reporters should go home and let the meetings take place in secrecy. Google will take it from here. They have our backs. Nothing to see here….

    (ps I named my first born Googleric)


  31. KaliniuS says:

    You’ll be surprised to discover how difficult it is to completely remove Google from your life. The Android OS is in phones, cars and appliances, there’s the Google search engine, YouTube, Google+, and the Chrome browser. Also, what’s up with the T-1000 emerging from the fountain? Yeah, that’s not creepy or anything…

    • copperhead says:

      before the white eyes came here, us indians ran things, there was plenty of clean air to breath, clean water to drink, plenty of fish, buffalo, and other game. indian woman work hard all day. indian man hunt, fish all day and have sex all night, and you whites came along and thought you could improve on a system like that.

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