Manufactured Hero “Snowden”: Greenwald Reneges and Cryptome Cashes in as the New CISPA Approaches

by Scott Creighton

With the new CISPA (CISA) ready and waiting in the wings, Glenn Greenwald’s recent promise to release details on exactly who the government has been spying on couldn’t have been timed any better… for some… not so much for those STILL being spied on all this time. Didn’t hurt the sale of his new book either, I suppose, which hit the stands on May 13th.

“Milking every red cent he can from his CIA-op “Edward Snowden” leaks, the billionaire’s b*tch, Glenn Greenwald has promised to finally release actual names of people, activists, political critics, writers and groups being illegally and unconstitutionally spied on by the federal government in tandem with various globalist corporate conglomerates.

You think he might have led with that story a year ago in order to help stop the madness, right? To let all those people and organizations know everything they are saying and writing is being harvested so they can take appropriate personal or legal action that will protect them, right? wrong.” me, May 30

Last night Glenn Tweeted that he was going to publish his big story at midnight on his billionaire-backed website, The Intercept. The masses (and the masses of obvious influence peddling bots) were all in a frenzy. FINALLY Big Glenn was going to be the hero he has been marketing himself to be. That would silence all those Snowden Truthers and Greenwald Detractors out there!

But then… 8 hours later… came the renege:

“After 3 months working on our story, USG [the United States government] today suddenly began making new last-minute claims which we intend to investigate before publishing” Glenn #BillionairesBitch Greenwald

No, Mr. Greenwald did not release the names of those out here in the real world being spied on by the government with an assist from all those companies that are pushing the new CISPA like their corporate lives depend on it (because they do)

Some of Mr. Greenwald’s fans took exception to this most recent (long string of them at this point) marketing ploy and one of them went so far as to leave him a Tweet with a link back to one of my earlier articles on the Snowden Crisis.

In that article, from Dec. 2013, I had this too say:

Glenn is running around pointing his crooked little finger at “the media” claiming they were the most daunting threat to him and his invisible boy, “Edward Snowden”, keeping them from speaking “truth to power”.

Only in a world so convoluted, where the historical record is constantly manipulated and altered daily, could such a public figure utter such contrived nonsense without being laughed off a studio set by his interviewer while the techies pelt him with random garbage.

Glenn is upset because it has become obvious to most that he has taken on the role of spokesman for the privatization of the NSA, a plan once called CISPA, and to that end, he is fronting for the intelligence op running under the guise of “Edward Snowden”me, Dec. 2013

Needless too say, I still stand by every word and am duly proud that someone linked to it in a Tweet directed to him.

As of posting, The Intercept has yet to publish that list this morning and Mr. Greenwald has yet to respond to his detractors over this delay. Frankly, the fact that he has had these names (supposedly) for over a year and done nothing with them to this other than use them to sell books and hits on his sugar daddy’s website, should tell everyone who is paying attention exactly what Glenn is.

Not too be outdone, Cryptome has released a statement claiming THEY are going to AID in the release of this information and all the rest of the “Snowden Documents” in order to prevent WAR from breaking out in July (today is July) of this year.

All the remaining Snowden documents will be released next month, according t‪o‬ whistle-blowing site ‪Cryptome, which said in a tweet that the release of the info by unnamed third parties would be necessary to head off an unnamed “war”.‬

‪Cryptome‬ said it would “aid and abet” the release of “57K to 1.7M” new documents that had been “withheld for national security-public debate [sic]“.

The site clarified that will not be publishing the documents itself.


“July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war begins not a chance of release,” Cryptome tweeted on its official feed. “Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing,” it said.

“For more on Snowden docs release in July watch for Ellsberg, special guest and others at HOPE, July 18-20:,” it added.” source

I have no idea how the “Snowden Documents” are supposed to prevent WAR. Perhaps there’s a leak that shows that ISIS is a fraud being perpetrated in order to justify Obama’s surge in Iraq? Perhaps there is one that explains how Dick “New Pearl Harbor” Cheney knows there is going to be another terrorist event in the near future. Perhaps?

Improbable, but that is exactly what the Tweet from Cryptome implies. They also suggest that if the release doesn’t occur BEFORE that “war” breaks out, then it would be “impossible” to release them afterwards.  Oh shucks.

Cryptic words from Cryptome, huh?

Of course, war-porn fear-mongering isn’t really all that unique in certain circles, especially when there is a fundraiser going on and tickets to sell.

What? Cryptome is running a fund-raiser to get 100k before war breaks out? What? Cryptome is trying to sell tickets to it’s HOPE X show in New York this month?   What? Only a $120.00 bucks per ticket? What a bargain for all that “truth” you’ll see (Daniel Ellsberg and a “special guest”… oooo… I wonder if it will be the Invisible Man?)

What a world, huh?

Hey! Maybe I should start up a “SHIT’S HITTING THE FAN! I’M GETTING OUT” Kickstarter campaign myself? 200 grand so I can live in a manner which I am not accustomed too (or suited for) in hiding in Rio like Glenn and his buddies? I think that’s a great idea… here’s a link to the Kickstarter page! Yippie! I’m free…


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3 Responses

  1. LOL
    ‘this is July (of this year)’…..
    it sure is.
    Had to laugh, even though this is serious news…

  2. 57,000 to 1,700,000 new documents? Well, which one is it? So it’s X documents +/- 3000%… um, yeah, okay.

    Frankly, I lost interest in the ES/GG saga when pronouncements over the purloined jump drive began suffering from similarly absurd imprecision. And that moving target–a colossus–began AFTER we heard about how meticulously ES had organized and indexed everything. If so, why such a patently ridiculous margin of error concerning the # of documents?

    It’s one of a few tells that something very screwy is going on here. People’s lives and freedoms are at stake. Enough with the fucking games.

  3. We interupt this government psyop dox drop until further notice… If you happen to be a sheep just hit the snooze button 31 times in July and wait for further di$info. If you happen to be outside the flock (or hive as we like to say) stay tuned for further instructions as we rewrite the script as to not confuse even our highly paid assets. Copyright July 1, 2014 NewSpeak Corp.

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