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Sir Ludark Babark Fudgefountain, K8TIY
June 2, 2015
724 Nice Fabric (2015-05-24)
0:00:00 Applause and cheering
0:00:36 “Jiggle the handle” at Central Park That Guitar Man concert; crappy Delta terminal restau-
rants; new Dyson hand dryers, JCD on the virtues of paper towels; “interesting” ight to
Austin, Nicaraguan Über spy to the rescue; no TSA Pre, “made some friends” in opt-out
0:14:54 Open carry law passes Texas Senate, ACC: “I cannot wait to go to Whole Foods”; Bill Nye’s
Rutgers “science and the useful arts” an articially truncated intellectual property doctrine
0:18:33 Adult Video Awards, Bill Clinton “nice fabric”, “you have to give shout-outs to the Illuminati”
0:21:46 Before-and-after Donetsk airport photos; Nuland’s Susan Rice uptalk cadence; Poroshenko
predicts Russian oensive, “we want to have this level of cooperation … to build up very pro-
European army here on the East”, Kerry give-away: “I’m trust and I don’t think any suspicious
that Ukraine would be traded on the relationship between Russia and United States”; possible
regime change on €3bn bond maturity, corruption rumors; Finland checks in with reservists,
“relations are denitely icy”; ACC on downcast-eyed “I’m from Russia” café girl
0:36:44 Uncle Don Pot Shards South Korea tour, TV interview execution skepticism, 2010 op-ed on
Cheonan sinking “sort of made me the skunk at the garden party”, ACC: “republiskunk”; “no
audience who would applaud” Obama DPRK relations, “debates within the military industrial
complex”, China happy with division, THAAD big bucks for Lockheed-Martin
0:48:32 Frontline on CIA torture report: unreleased parallel Panetta report leaked to Feinstein com-
mittee, CIA apologist Laughlin: ex post facto interpretation; Brennan tried to keep everything
under wraps, 2014 Republican victors including Rubio sweeping reports under the rug
0:59:03 Donation segment #1; TSA ocers not peace ocers but still cry over badges
1:14:58 McGlaughlin Group Chris Roberts “highhacking” debate: everyone all in except Eleanor
1:19:13 Guatemalan ministers arrested for rigging contract in favor of “pharmaceutical rm”; San
Francisco topless protests over female police killings; The Talk black stereotyping from Sheryl
Underwood on Cannes high heels: “I woulda cuss dey ass out when I was wearin’ high heels
but all dis damn walkin’, my big ass walked it down to a at”; Obama Jewish Heritage Month
speech: “honorary member of the tribe”; ironic paddles in Seattle protest with plastic kayaks
1:31:40 ACC: cricket our cupcakes in Red Book, JCD’s daughter and friend eating sample bugs
1:34:43 HR 1508 establishing asteroid property rights; International Flag of Planet Earth proposal
1:41:51 Yoko Ono’s “brief romantic ing” with Hillary; Monica Langley “grabs Hillary’s knee” inter-
view; 300 e-mails released, one re-classied by FBI; ACC: coming-out “would clinch it”
1:49:12 Donation segment #2; Chinese funeral strippers; Show 724 “ISIS Slave” art NSFW?
2:03:30 JCD’s nuking Middle Eastern oil theory revisited; ISIS Palmyra takeover, UNESCO call for
cease-re to preserve “antiquities”, McCain: “key area that connects dierent parts of Syria”,
10k boots on the ground needed, WWII Palmyra pipeline war; 2012 DIA document calls for
rist of “Islamic State” to isolate Assad; ITN report with weapons cache and Assad poster,
atrocities “too graphic to show”, B-roll plaster-smashing; $2bn sale to Saudi Arabia, Yemeni
bombings still going on; Qatari scimitar beheadings, 2016 “Corrupt Cup”, BBC on working
conditions for migrant laborers: “our arrest was dramatic”, ITN = CIA
2:25:11 UK 1400-man pedo-bear investigation; AVN dingbat: all the people in the world should do
DPs because that would being world peace (CotD); new Colonel Sanders: “dip yourself in poo”
2:31:34 Tech News: June 30 leap second “Y2K’s distant cousin”; Google click-to-buy banner ads;
ACC’s Airbnb bath mat eating Roomba; Clooney’s Tomorrowland climate propaganda
723 Axe Man (2015-05-21)
0:00:00 JCD: “I think a lot of it has to do with the texture of the meat, and the avor. (2:23:20)
0:00:34 JCD “brown goo” overcast; opening do-over; ACC in New York for Fleet Week, It’s Only a
Play with sele sticks, JCD at Golden Gate Bridge “sele stick central”
0:09:10 Letterman’s nal show, degraded quality of archival material, ACC “fteen minutes of legacy”,
few surviving Ampex 2-inch machines for years of material; JCD’s new Tascam DAT
0:13:58 FBI ISIS warnings for New Jersey high schoolers; “trigger warnings”; NCIS “crude version of
Morse code” terrorist messages embedded in music
0:21:33 Bin Laden’s bookshelf, explicit Seymour Hersh disclaimer, “CEO of al-Qaeda central”, online
membership application: “who to contact if you become a martyr”, “treasure trove”, “Ab-
bottabad” rst syllable stress, “favorite wife”, other wife to remove llings as possible Iranian
trackers; Mike Morell grilled by Chris Matthews on Bush-Cheney briengs; Hillary: “I made
a mistake, plain and simple” on Iraq war support; Morell: we think you’re wrong, right?”;
Bush “hatchet man” Cheney; Morell on $25M payo: “um, not going to answer that question”,
burial at sea, Usama seles, “I watched the video and I saw pictures”
0:52:39 Catherine Herridge on DIA memo: Benghazi planned ten days in advance for 9/11, ISIS rise
predicted, gun running to Syria, Morell on CIA tracking it: “can’t talk about that”, “yes, we
played no role – now, whether we were watching other people do it, I can’t talk about it”
0:59:27 Donation segment #1
1:06:34 “How to x this” questions, multi-million-dollar crowd funding examples, local activism
1:12:37 Aviation insider note: accessing avionics from entertainment system impossible; Chris Roberts
on Security Weekly podcast: “called bullshit” on GAO report via Twitter; “obviously you’ve
got the iPad issues”; previously worked for FBI veteran Kevin Knierim at Cyopsis LLC; DHS
I.G. John Roth on $3.7M for TSA background checks a “massive, massive challenge”
1:33:37 RIAA, MPAA lawsuit dry-up, Spotify adding video and podcasts of IPO, JCD explains $8.4bn
“valuation”; Trannies on Acid extortion business
1:39:51 New “akka” drug and LAX security run-through: “he had a strange smile on his face the en-
tire time”; new heroin synthesis, ACC: “we won’t need any more wars”; cocaine “booger sugar”
protocols and Rand Paul libuster, separation of powers collapse and Executive “behemoth”
1:53:00 New Obama Twitter account; “we can’t then axe the police to be the ones to solve the problem”
1:55:11 Donation segment #2; ACC saw The Seed Man at Bar Chi Sushi
2:08:37 Bill Nye cites Constitution Article 1 Section 8 “science and the useful arts” at Rutgers com-
mencement; Obama to Coast Guard Academy: “the science is indisputable”, carbon dioxide
800k year high, Charleston ooding at high tide (chatroom: it’s below sea level), naval bases
to be “swamped”; Impossible Foods CEO on “hard core meat eaters”, animal farming “single
biggest environmental threat in the world today”, 4k glasses of water per person per day;
Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving “long pig” human esh
2:28:14 Upcoming Irish referendum on gay marriage, ACC demands Apple pull-out if voted down
2:30:27 ISIS in Palmyra; Khamenei: no nuclear scientist interviews; Iran vs Saudis on Yemeni relief
2:34:35 CNN on P-8A Poseidon “classied U.S. intelligence ights”: “this is Chinese Navy, please
go away quickly”; North Korea cancels Ban Ki-moon’s Kaesong park visit, execution over
military food supplies; Ash Carter on Russian Pentagon computer attack; Morell on foreign
governments in Obama’s unclassied e-mail
2:48:56 Double mastectomy, hysterectomy from son’s DNA test, Color Genomics $249 test promotion
722 Moral Debt (2015-05-17)
0:00:00 JCD: “Ayy ayy ayy, how ya doin’?” (2:33:31)
0:00:32 JCD “chewin’ and shakin’” airline peanut-eating gripe
0:04:13 Chris Roberts airline “hacking” incident FBI warrant: CLB “climb” command to one engine,
“thrust management computer” vs FADEC
0:13:41 Amtrak 188 derailment: FBI investigating windshield breakage, three trains possibly hit by
projectiles, engineer concussion; Chris Matthews: Republicans “treat trains like Hispanics”
0:18:24 Jeh Johnson to Greta Van Susteren: police front line of defense against ISIS “given how the
global terrorist threat is evolving”, “vertical information sharing” with local law enforcement,
lone wolf “independent actor” “doesn’t accept orders overseas”; Mike Morell: “in time, they
are gonna be able to come here and conduct a 9/11 style attack”; Barbara Starr: ISIS “using
the cyber world as a weapon”, #texasattack, RAND Corporation expert on “deep web”,
“Pentagon scientists plan to go in and chase ISIS down”, ACC: “FTP me to the dark web”,
MEMEX search engine
0:37:00 ISIS Abu Sayyaf killed, wife in custody, “slave” rescued, “a no kidding old-school reght”;
Ash Carter on 1500 more boots on the ground; Sayyaf not on Rewards for Justice list; Jerry
Boykin to Jeanine Pirro: Sayyaf’s wife a “treasure trove of information”, “she will talk” (CotD)
0:51:56 Donation segment #1; end of show “by the way” jingle
1:04:37 World Trade Week, Armed Forces Day, {Emergency Medical Services, National Safe Boating}
Week, “paddle in Seattle” protest, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
1:08:06 Dayton Hamvention, ACC: “I’d love to go but I couldn’t get the wheelchair and oxygen in
time”; government not required to disclose Standard Operating Procedure 303 emergency cell
service deactivation plan; ACC demonstrates new Amazon Echo reordering feature
1:14:01 Stephanopoulos apology for not disclosing Clinton donations, ACC: fall on the sword, George
1:18:40 Nuland visiting Russia for Ukraine talks; Radio Free Europe on Poroshenko corruption; Turk-
ish Stream pipeline, possible Macedonian color revolution; Putin podcast: Chechnya terror
backed by CIA; anti-Russia NATO exercises; drunk NATO ministers singing We Are the World
1:27:01 JCD passes out No Agenda disc with 2013 highlights; former Obama law student on unelected
judges vs Obamacare; Indian vs Indian proxy war in War of 1812
1:33:51 McDonalds lispy gay voiceover for sirloin burger; ACC Field Day PSA
1:38:26 Death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, CNBC: “we could be talking about ten years”; Gov-
ernor on backpack video; Let the Fire Burn Move bombing documentary,
1:44:58 Hollande in cuba, accidental Haiti reparation promise, “moral debt due to slavery”
1:49:34 FCC ruling to limit joint sales agreements to screw local news outts
1:53:38 Broccoli aphids “ginormous bugs” in school cafeteria; “crickets are the
new kale”; JCD sandwich y photo in school paper
1:58:13 Donation segment #2; JCD Macon, GA gas station foot-high zapped bug pile
2:13:44 Second Half of Show: Columbia University professor on dangers of electromagnetic radiation,
petition to UN; ACC RF burn from eight Watts
2:21:03 FAA drone regulations requiring line of sight, 500-foot ceiling
2:24:58 Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark exempt from EU refugee quota; Danish Central Bank to stop
printing money; Telegraph: ban cash to prevent “boom and bust”; Bitcoin analysts
2:34:56 Debate over selling San Quentin
2:37:31 Eurovision Song Contest prediction: Armenia or Denmark
721 Eer in the P Me (2015-05-14)
0:00:00 ACC: “Public radio is ready for capitalism!” (1:01:33)
0:00:33 JCD in Port Angeles to see Puddles Pity Party; Austin rain; Facebook rage quitting
0:05:00 Amtrak derailment amid funding battle; 30 year anniversary of Philadelphia Move bombing
by police, survivor Ramona Africa on hoses, tear gas, shooting; May 8 FBI warning about
stolen derailers; Luke Russert on Congressional staers “desperately” using D.C.’s Metro
0:18:13 Vergara-Loeb female embryos follow-up; Nigel Farage withdraws resignation, as predicted
0:19:45 New British counterterrorism bill, police approval required for social media posts; BBC inter-
viewer to Theresa May: “a law that says these are our values, and if you don’t agree with
them, then … are you going to jail them?” ACC: “this legislation could be solely created just
to arrest Nigel Farage”; Prince Charles’ newly-published letters vs royal neutrality
0:34:46 Seymour Hersh bin Laden story, Pooper: “what you’re alleging is a massive conspiracy in-
volving what would have to be dozens of people”; courier thesis of Zero Dark Thirty vs
Pakistani walk-in; R.J. Hillhouse “plagiarism”; Josh Earnest on Mike Morell’s every sentence
was wrong assertion; Democrats loved Hersh when he was Bush-bashing; Peter Bergen on
raid as “performance art”; Hillhouse credit fail
0:59:47 Knight Foundation $1M Radiotopia investment, Ira Glass “ready for capitalism”
1:04:43 Donation segment #1
1:10:15 Hurricane “drought” “basically boils down to luck”; John Christy on tting climate models
1:17:46 Verizon America Online acquisition as FCC $9bn broadband subsidy grab
1:23:50 Keith Olbermann on bought-and-paid-for NFL salutes to military, “prepaid patriotism”
1:27:04 Monica Crowley on North Korean Defense Minister’s execution via anti-aircraft gun: “this is
how communist dictatorships behave”, random satellite photo of site
1:32:15 USA Freedom Act as setup for more spying thanks to indemnied companies like FireEye;
Frederick Kagan report on Iranian cyberthreat, collaboration with phony attack map creator
Norse Corporation, “collecting information” = attack, attacker “can do an enormous amount
of damage to our critical infrastructure, and cause a lot of people to die”; Steven Kim released
1:48:07 Obama on Fox News’ “eort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches”, hedge fund
managers “society’s lottery winners”; Arne Duncan on schools “with a wide variety of after-
school programming”, public boarding schools; Blackish “Junior is a Republican”; CSI: Cyber
renewed, NCIS competing agendas, Minority Report premise change; Obama library to be on
Chicago’s South Side; kid’s show “Adam has the apple now”
2:09:32 Donation segment #2; student teacher doing “breaking the media mind control” unit
2:20:38 Warren-Obama trade promotion authority feud; Barbara Boxer on TPP security; Obama’s
“insult” calling Warren a politician; CNN panel gives Rodham brothers a pass; Harriet Tub-
man proposed $20 bill replacement; Santorum: “bomb them back to the seventh century”
2:39:25 Vienna hosting Eurovision Song Contest with new LGBBTQQIAAP street crossing signs; ISIS
making gay passes to nd victims; Swedish anti-Putin gay “singing sailor”; Kerry in Russia
2:46:00 Eer in the P me live on TV”; miscreant red for sexual harassment
2:50:04 Retired Gen. Mark Hertling on “posse comititis”
2:51:34 Matt Kenny cleared in Madison, WI Tony Robinson shooting
2:53:18 Arab leaders’ Iran summit Obama snub, “a couple of them, quote, didn’t feel like it
2:55:20 Cuban lung cancer “vaccine”; Kissinger on Theranos board; anti-ICD-10 HR 2126
2:58:49 Tech News: Mozilla Foundation to deprecate HTTP in favor of HTTPS,
720 Pollen Tsunami (2015-05-10)
0:00:00 ACC: “Eat bugs.” (1:18:19)
0:00:35 Ko Annan: “eat bugs”; Mother’s Day; ACC at Swan Lake; Nazi uniforms by Hugo Boss
0:07:50 “Dramatic” British election results, “electoral arithmetic” and proportional representation,
13% of the vote: one seat for UKIP, Farage resignation; Whitehall demonstrations; Ed Balls
0:18:04 Germanwings data recorder detected side stick pressure 33 seconds before impact
0:21:22 New meme: EMP attack, NORAD moves back to Cheyenne Mountain, Huckabee: “take this
country back to the Stone Age in a matter of minutes”; Iran missile “failures” at same altitude
0:26:18 Mike Roger’s new outt Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security (APPS), “the threat
matrix facing America today has never been broader”; Grover Norquist
0:35:22 Sophia Vergara’s ex Nick Loeb suing for embryos, raising “when does life begin” question
0:48:24 NSA bulk collection ruled illegal; new bogus explanation from Clapper on his lie to Congress;
Congress opposes SEC insider trading probe, staer Brian Sutter’s Medicare insider tip
0:52:25 Medicaid “bundled payments”, price xing
0:59:37 VE Day in Poland and elsewhere; Soviet Victory Day on May 9; Gary Kasparov to Bill Maher
on American troops on Ukraine-Russia border, Maher: “wake me when he takes Poland”, Atlantic Resolve interactive map; Charlie Rose’s Apple Watch, TWiT heil
Apple”; International Rescue Committee spies aid workers released in Eastern
Ukraine, $36M from USAID, $62M from DFID
1:18:55 Donation segment #1
1:29:30 State Department to Matt Lee on how Hillary was free of donor inuence; Clinton Health
Alliance Initiative; Japanese yakuza golf course fees for extortion
1:35:15 Breaking news: threat level raised at U.S. military bases, “no specic threat”; MSNBC “ter-
rorism expert” Evan Kohlmann on Pamela Geller: “people that exercise the freedom of speech
also have a responsibility to understand that words have meaning, and that they can cause
harm”; Schenck v. United States “shouting re in a crowded theater” SCOTUS ruling; Eu-
ropean blasphemy laws; Lawrence O’Donnell decries using “thug” to describe “those people”,
JCD story about PC World changing “representative” to “spokesperson”, O’Donnell “thug”
montage; Cory Booker: we need to “get memes to go more viral”
1:57:54 Donation segment #2
2:05:46 Carbon dioxide 400 ppm mark reached; Tony Abbott’s business advisor Newman: climate
change a UN hoax; University of Bristol paper on denialists’ eect due to psychological eects:
stereotype threat, pluralistic ignorance, third person eect; Austin’s “pollen tsunami”
2:19:45 Center for Media and Democracy report on lack of charter school oversight, $200M in fraud
in the system; Gülen’s charter school network; replacing public schools in Chicago, student
roboticization and autonomous trucks; Ray Kurzweil on News Hour projecting Moore’s Law
on genome project, JCD: the 98% problem in OCR; the dulcet tones of “Melissa” Meyer’s
laugh, ACC: “I could put my hand over her mouth”
2:35:36 European Commission’s Digital Single Market, copyright law “modernization”, linking to
copyrighted material to be deemed infringement
2:38:56 “Meaningful Use” to require Medicare providers to use 15% Electronic Health Care or face
reimbursement cuts; JCD: short Apple when the rst store closes
2:43:09 Nike promising 10k U.S. jobs on TPP approval, ACC on cost of importing candles
2:46:51 Waze directing rush hour trac to quiet neighborhoods; Army discontinuing Morse code
719 The List (2015-05-07)
0:00:00 JCD: “Well, it’s crowd control, let’s face it, that’s what it amounts to.” (1:52:34)
0:00:34 JCD’s “tower of terror”, rain in Austin, ACC at LBJ All the Way play, iPhone weather alert,
three instances of “what dierence, at this point, does it make”
0:06:43 National {Teacher Appreciation, Charter Schools} Week, missing {Police, Nurses} weeks
0:07:58 JCD in search of S.R. 173 text
0:12:09 Google acquires Timeful, Frog and Toad Together to-do list video; JCD on Microsoft’s Ignite
2015, patch Tuesday going away; Alix Steel on lithium production: “you pound it into what
winds up looking like cocaine”; no decent chemistry sets to be had, Salem teacher arrested for
Tesla coil burn, JCD: “this is where STEM is headed”
0:30:11 Sheryl Sandberg’s husband David Goldberg’s death, 36-hour delay announcing cause, head
trauma & hypovolemic shock, SurveyMonkey donations to douchey Humane Society, 6:30 to
7:00 time change, brother Robert suddenly on scene; David on long-distance relationship; 2004
marriage immediately after Sandberg divorce; Robert “bogus bad boy” Goldberg sold company
to Topps, Facebook a signicant client; leaked Sony Goldberg/Linton strategy e-mails
0:51:44 Hip-hop determined to be most inuential genre in last 50 years of popular music
0:54:11 Donation segment #1; proposed No Agenda art exhibit
1:06:02 Bernie Sanders: “if an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist”; Ron Paul supporters
watch-listed, possible honeypots; Stephanopoulos Huckabee interview: “Clintons know how
to win”; Bill Clinton Today Show Africa packages, “there is a very deliberate attempt to take
the Foundation down”, on speaking gigs: “it’s the most independence I can get”
1:23:37 “Obama Global Initiative” My Brother’s Keeper Alliance announced, to be run by former
Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria; Colin Powell, Eric Holder on advisory council, no Sharpton
1:30:24 Garland Texas not a six-week cycle event; SPLC’s Potok declares portrays AFDI as hate
group; Robert Spencer on CNN, “free speech vs provocation”; Geller, Wilders SWAT seles;
“shout re in a crowded theater” meme on Chris Matthews, 1942 Supreme Court Chaplinsky
v. New Hampshire ruling: no protection for “ghting words”; Dutch “fuck the King” arrests;
French shitstorm over bogus Béziers Mayor list of Muslim students
1:55:21 FireEye Inc. certied as middleman for DHS information sharing
1:59:55 NCIS on “The Calling” terrorist cell recruiting children on the internet
2:02:05 CJCS nominee Joseph Dunford epic stammer to committee on Defense Innovation Unit cost;
Elton John to Senate panel on AIDS, Lindsey Graham on PEPFAR sequestration
2:12:25 Donation segment #2
2:18:35 JCD’s pointless Staples commercial with overcaeinated woman
2:20:04 “Chilling” disclosure of Andreas Lubitz rehearsing for descent, captain also left ight deck
during rst leg of ight; ight data recorder found to no media fanfare, Lubitz’ iPad discovered
2:28:30 Soledad O’Brien: thug is a proxy”; Daily Kos pushed meme in 2014; Marilyn Mosby to prayer
group: “they are not thugs, they are our children”; Freddie Gray’s 30 arrests; Juan Williams
calls back to 1965 Moynihan report The Negro Family: The Case For National Action; Demo-
cratic racism in civil rights era; Rialto body cam experiment, invest in
2:46:54 British elections: possibility of Queen stepping in, probable coalition
2:54:49 Autonomous semi trucks; Germany to lose 18M jobs to robots by 2030, “concierge economy”
2:58:20 Chuck Norris “wacko” Jade Helm op-ed, six-week cycle July 15s; Armani Nazi uniforms
3:03:54 Carbon dioxide at levels not seen in 2M years; Al Gore loves Pope Francis
718 Sizeist (2015-05-03)
0:00:00 JCD: “Is that not the most insulting thing you could do?”
0:00:34 Ants swarming JCD’s cowbell
0:01:18 May 1 Law Day U.S.S. to celebrate Magna Carta, Loyalty Day, National {Small Business,
Public Service Recognition} Week, National {Asian-American Pacic Islander Heritage, Foster
Care, Building Safety, Physical Fitness & Sports, Mental Health Awareness, Older Americans}
Month; Older Americans Act of 1965, 60 and older
0:09:17 Melissa Harris-Perry: “little tiny producer but very invested in boxing”, JCD: “she’s a sizeist”,
“why do we care about little guys ghting?”; Mayweather’s sideways boxing style
0:13:00 Professionally printed signs in Baltimore from run by
a.k.a., no form 990; homicide charges from Marilyn Mosby, married to Coun-
cil member Nick Mosby, $5k from Gray black elite family attorney Billy Murphy, to CNN:
“we’re enthusiastic about the new prosecutor”, “80% severed spinal cord, and three broken
vertebrae, and that’s not good”, guilty cop promotions; Murphy a Bob Ehrlich supporter,
Obama jokes about Martin O’Malley candidacy, corrupt “humbles” arrests under O’Malley
0:38:44 John “projectile dick” Kasich election bid, David Wildstein bridgegate guilty plea
0:42:06 Columbia linguistics professor: “black people saying thug is not like white people saying thug”;
poverty’s deleterious eects on brain development, phone video of Billy Murphy on HIV spread
in jail, Bill Gates’ father the eugenicist; Sharpton calls for Justice Department to step in
1:02:08 Donation segment #1
1:14:27 John Huntsman’s Republican debate tài liǎojiě zhège qíngxíng; Obama thanks Shinzo
Abe for karate, karaoke, manga, anime, and emoji
1:18:30 L.A. County sheri’s $700k for proling; Pakistan drops drone strike charges against CIA chief
1:20:05 Harf calls out Azerbaijan for imprisoned bloggers “Free the Press” campaign: “the United
Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considers his detention arbitrary”; Ankara
Mayor’s “come on blonde answer now” tweet; The Matt and Marie Show: “given that you
have vast experience in the social media realm”
1:32:10 Cameron: “this is a real career-dening… country-dening election”
1:36:21 Obama initiative for free e-books for low income children; Project Gutenburg, Tom Swift
1:39:30 States moving to restrict police lming by citizen journalists, JCD recommends Nightcrawler
1:47:32 Warren Buett on predatory lending accusations; retirees paying $300k for $25k mobile home
1:54:21 Austin Indiana AIDS epidemic due to pain killer reformulation
1:56:26 Matt Salmon on tunnel from Mexico, ISIS camps near border, Comey: “nonsense”
2:01:20 Donation segment #2
2:15:00 Dreamliner software “glitch”; Richard Quest on German Airbus spying; Field McConnell Ger-
manwings crash analysis, impossibility of hand-ying straight at 400 knots, remote control via
uninterruptible autopilot rst seen in Lufthansa, Mirage shoot-down, Abel Danger connection
2:36:56 Milan Expo opens in face of protests, World’s Fairs no longer in vogue with Americans
2:42:42 Another year of service for A-10 Warthog; Boko Haram releasing 200 girls; CDC on possible
ebola sexual transmission from survivor
2:46:09 Tech News: iPhone not correcting isolated “s” to “a”; Tesla Powerwall, Li-ion batteries re-
stricted by law to AA-size, JCD predicts Tesla factory will burn to the ground
2:53:21 U2’s album Songs of Innocence pushed by Apple deemed gay propaganda in Russia
2:55:21 Bernie Sanders announces candidacy: “that’s not raising an issue, that is winning an election”
717 Juice Jacking (2015-04-30)
0:00:00 JCD: “Baltimore’s a shithole, let’s start with that.” (0:51:05)
0:00:33 May “Masturbation Month”; ACC at “star party” for music & astronomy; Leo: “I can actually
go see the dark side of the moon and verify that Adam Curry’s wrong
0:08:43 Note on newsletter photos: standing and ring gun with bipod “makes them feel cool”
0:10:26 “But at work, it’s the President and [Reggie] Love who play the role of the old married couple.
0:11:43 Baltimore “thugs and misguided young people”, leadership black and Democrat since 1967,
voter registration forms; Councilman: “so calling them thugs… just call them niggers”; white
Maryland Governor front & center; MSNBC: “the T-word is the new N-word”, ACC: “tits
just called, they’re pissed o”; Brooke Baldwin’s “please, let’s move on” apology for calling
veterans “ready to do battle”; MSNBC: “white supremacy is so insidious and ingrained … you
don’t even have to have a white person around”; Mayor tries to explain away “we also gave
those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”, police chief: crackdown makes it worse
0:37:07 Black mother whup-ass “at the end of the day” montage; black vs white “go mom” vs “call
CPS”; black liberation theology; Rachel Madcow on police “out of control” throwing projectiles
back; gang member to Touré on blood/crip alliance: “we’ve made ties with the right political
ocials”; stadium placement, The Wire
0:53:23 Donation segment #1; Über-recording legality: single-party consent in Texas
1:20:45 Jeh Johnson to Rand Paul on NSA collection: “that is beyond my competence as the Secretary
of Homeland Security to answer in any intelligent legal way”, Paul: “if you have a warrant,
I’m ne with you getting and unencrypting data from people”; “hands clapping, thumbs up”
1:26:53 Bill Clinton pumphead conrmed; to Larry King: no Parkinson’s; emergency landing in Tan-
zania; Stephanopoulos on Clinton Cash; journalists have stumbled onto form 990; Clinton
Justra Enterprise Partnership donors; advance warning from publishing industry moles
1:37:55 Holder on legacy: “this department is restored it’s restored to what it always was and
what it must always be: free of politicization”
1:41:02 For Sunday: interview with pilot on Germanwings crash; American Airlines iPad “glitch”
1:43:40 Lackluster history, civics, geography in 8th grade, Cooke Wonderful World clip
1:45:25 Rumors of Jerry Brown for President, dramatic greenhouse gas cut, California Über Alles
1:47:34 6400 missing Lois Lerner e-mails found; Boston “never seen before” Tsarnaev nger video
1:53:18 Earnest on Jade Helm 15: “my understanding is that the individuals who are participating in
the exercise won’t be travelling incognito, that they will be warning armbands”
1:56:59 SCOTUS on gay marriage: Alito raises specter of four-way marriage
2:02:22 Armenian genocide: Young Turks revisited, Producer Joe: monuments & reparations; pipeline
through Armenia and Azerbaijan; Kurdish involvement; German schism, “they still hate them”
2:14:00 Donation segment #2
2:25:46 CSI: Cyber “FBI! everyone unplug!” as fat programmer explains “juice jacking”; Facebook
friends API shut down; LinkedIn app contact scanning; Apple Watch = slave bracelet; NPR
money show “ginormous”, “bajillion”; FCC to approve 2200 meter amateur band, VHF/HF
bridge in Nepal, 14.205 MHz on; JCD on Rand Paul answering machine
2:42:00 Robert Kennedy Jr. to Maher on thimerosal in vaccines: “biggest vector of mercury in Ameri-
can children”, “ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, hyperactivity disorder, ASD, and
autism”, CDC “cesspool of corruption”, 271 vaccines in pipeline, Paul Ot rotavirus patent
2:55:26 Pope Francis all in on equal pay for women
716 The Portal (2015-04-26)
0:00:00 ACC: “Oh my God, that’s a Republican lesbian!” (1:38:53)
0:00:34 BitTorrent Sync 2 broken; JCD Segway spinning incident, ACC’s $500 valuation at customs,
used at Belgian castle; ACC’s witch doctor house clearing, negative studio energy, bedroom
portal, ACC’s book Pipelines and Pedoles, Trail of Tears tour; Austin Food and Wine Festival
0:12:19 CNN White House Correspondents’ Dinner coverage: if you want Baltimore news, go to
Twitter; Marie Harf arrived with Brolf; Obama anger translator skit; Cecily Strong routine:
“a Libertarian is just a Republican that you have to block on Twitter”, mein Lieder Michelle;
ACC on Michelle’s dress: “it completely obfuscated that fact that she’s a dude”; Jason Rezaian
meme; drone strike apology, American killed in 2002 Yemen drone strike, economic hit man
Warren Weinstein, Jeh Johnson: “we hit unintended unintended um… objects, human beings”
0:38:36 Ask Adam: Diamonds Are Forever Amstel scene with Magere Brug “Skinny Bridge”
0:42:45 Über Spies: “No Agenda fact checking department” skit, “smokin’ hot” Nicaraguan driver,
electrical generation all Chinese-owned, brother’s eminent domain ght, moved to U.S. because
of Ortega; “nothing good happens after midnight”
0:56:41 Donation segment #1; producerships on LinkedIn
1:08:04 Clinton form 990 resubmission scandal, Uranium One sale to Russia for $2.3M donation,
Hillary in New York Times crosshairs; “conservative writer” Peter Schweitzer book Clinton
Cash; ACC story on gap-toothed Patricia hit on by Bill Clinton, “pumphead” brain damage
from heart surgery, gooey-mouthed Bill on Gates Foundation; ACC to interview Planned
Parenthood canvassers about Margaret Sanger
1:32:57 Bruce Jenner coming-out a brilliant population-reduction coup, Sawyer: “do you have a
song?”, CVC: Jenner’s sister a Republican lesbian, Sawyer: “are you a Republican??”; News
Hour on SMASS, Sexual Minorities and Straight Supporters, depression from gender confor-
mity issues; CVC predicts a Jenner “ip”; Atrazine sexual side-eects; Harvard Professor Alex
Myers; dangers of sexual identity early intervention; Bubble Guppies: “tickets are a reminder
that you have to follow the rules”
1:56:27 Bill Nye Obama interview; cooling eects of volcanic eruptions; Nye: “ten years old is about as
old as you can be to get the so-called lifelong passion for science”, Obama on “climate denier
clubs” in Congress; upcoming O-bot dinner; Beatles “Hello, Goodbye” “Yeah No” jingle
2:07:48 Donation segment #2
2:16:40 Boko Haram rebranded to Islamic State in West Africa; Australian terror plot foiled, “all you
need these days is a knife, a ag, and a camera, and one can commit a terrorist act”; Italian
arrests for “post-crime” Vatican attacks
2:20:43 Obama Armenian Remembrance Day statement thanks to Pope Francis, Erdoğan response;
Three Pashas, Talaat Pasha, “Kurds killed them” meme, origin of “young Turks”
2:33:06 Second Half of Show: former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on eighty species of
alien life, “Nordic blondes” & “tall whites”; JCD recommends Corso’s
The Day After Roswell
ACC: “I think all parents should allow their freedom to transition to the alien they are”;
Nordic women’s extra vertebra; Reggie Love callback on non-sweating Obama, Hillary
2:44:15 Denial of service attack on Common Core tests conducted by Prometric in Minnesota; JCD
recommends The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
2:51:01 Blog post “why does the West hate Putin? the secret reason” on NATO attack on Syria foiled
by Putin
715 Tom Tatoe (2015-04-23)
0:00:00 ACC: “You wrote it down and you didn’t catch yourself?” (0:13:28)
0:00:33 Cities converting trac lanes to bike lanes, U.S. bell-less bicycles; ACC’s “douchebag beard”,
CVC: “beards are push-up bras for men”, Movember; ACC’s Nokia E71 lost at Yellow Rose,
text messaging No Agenda style, Hillary phone photo; newsletter “whatever the case”
0:13:29 New moral self-licensing challenge: eating limes for Lyme disease, JCD: “we’ll know it caught
on if Leo does it”; Leo’s TWiT “yeah no” gripe, ACC won the New Screen Savers bet
0:17:21 Six Minnesota idiots arrested for trying to join “the Islamic State Group”; Bill Clinton: “ISIS
is a terrorist organization, an NGO” (CotD)
0:22:41 Jeh Johnson at RSA Conference: “cyber-security must be a partnership between government
and those of you in the private sector”, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integra-
tion Center, the “NCCIC oor”, “capability to automate publication of cyber-threat indicators
in a machine readable format”, ACC: “they’ve made an RSS feed!”
0:40:34 Revolving-door U.S. Digital Service, immunity to “civil and criminal liability” for information
sharing; private Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations; Secret Service investigates
cybercrime, Vladimir Drinkman, Coast Guard, “I’m determined to root out any turf battles”,
“I have an ask” on encryption; State Department’s Heather Higginbottom: “we are attacked
every day, thousands of times a day”
0:57:52 Donation segment #1
1:14:54 Crackpot Jade Helm Wal-Mart closing theories; insider: ber & network plumbing, remodel
1:21:30 EU accuses Gazprom of price gouging, NPR cuts out discussion of alternative Yamal-Europe
Pipeline; terrorist attack thwarted in Paris, “ghting o the virus of Islamic violent extremism”
1:28:25 Ohio “hero cop” hailed for not shooting murder suspect on body-cam, Taser poised to prot
1:34:31 Michelle Obama unable to answer how long she’s been married
1:35:35 Students in Ohio passing test with subpar reading prociency, 96% pass rate; Pearson STAR
test “glitch” in Texas, Los Angeles cancels $1.3bn Pearson/iPad curriculum
1:42:14 Nurse Tracy reports ICD-10 M23.90 including “locked knee”
1:43:20 Radioactive drone found on Japanese Prime Minister’s oce roof; South Korean OPCON
hando delayed until 2020; Japanese missile launch
1:47:36 CNBC bullish on oil: “I think we see sixty dollars before we see fty dollars again”
1:48:55 Louisiana House Bill 195 prohibiting cash transactions for secondhand goods; JPMorgan pro-
hibits cash in safe deposit boxes
1:54:32 Wal-Mart “empty shelves” YouTube clip, police around “perimeter”
1:58:04 Lynch conrmed after Obama “enough”; Samantha Power in 2008: Obama a “true friend of
the Armenian people”
2:02:01 Snoring man stabbed with pen in “air rage” incident
2:07:21 Yanis Varoufakis: no expulsion from EU for Greece; Greek An Honest Liar documentarian:
we want the drachma back, interview for MTV documentary; ACC’s P.O. Box bonanza
2:16:19 Donation segment #2; posthumous Damehood for “Crash Helmet Cathy”
2:28:56 Morsi sentenced to 20 years; “Mediterranean migrant” vs refugee meme
2:33:45 Earth Day “calling all humans” message
2:36:33 FBI lab hair analysis, Innocence Project, potential Obama pardon bonanza or anti death
penalty move, no manslaughter charges; Freddie Gray death, $5M compensation fund
2:44:33 The tomtato: a tomato/potato graft
714 Gay Siri (2015-04-19)
0:00:00 JCD: “Yeah, Austin seems like a stretch.
0:00:33 714 Jack Webb’s badge number; Chicago’s $5M settlement for Laquon McDonald’s family,
$5.5M reparation fund for suspects tortured under Jon Burge; demonstrations over Armenian
genocide centennial, Obama can’t acknowledge because of Turkish pipeline
0:06:43 JCD on Haitian Uber segment: bogus zanmann almond
0:08:48 ACC lost in Vegas demolition zone, nearly missed ight; Bandana Ball rehearsal hail storm
0:13:25 New Star Wars trailer a nice distraction from WikiLeaks Sony e-mail repository, cosy Jar-
rett/Linton messages, RAND Corporation Politics Aside convention, Linton “opportunity for
you” to Carney, military sexual assault PSA celebrity recruiting, Jarrett on Finding Your
Roots, Democracy Now backgrounder, 100 government e-mail addresses in archive; MPAA
and Nesbitt & Whitaker
0:27:13 NBC’s Richard Engel busted for fake 2012 kidnapping supposedly by Assad’s Shabiha militia,
role of Free Syrian Army revealed; “Angry Arab” As’ad AbuKhalil: “I was skeptical about the
entire enterprise of Western journalistic coverage of Syria”, FSA “criminal gangs and thugs”,
“war lobby” for American involvement, Engel’s propaganda video in front of fresh-painted
wall with green spray paint, shabiha colloquialism for “thug”; Engel’s award list
0:40:43 McCain “do you agree” question on North Korean mobile warhead system, “unpredictability
of this overweight young man in North Korea”
0:47:10 Earth Day coming up Wednesday; Austin to regulate smoke from food trucks; Bill Maher:
global cooling in “one article in Newsweek”, the Dewey Defeats Truman of science”; Pope to
issue encyclical, to meet Ban “insurance for the planet” Ki-moon; Obama Earth Day podcast
1:02:33 Donation segment #1; how to become a Black Knight; $222.22 “row of ducks”
1:28:45 Homophobic Siri in Russia
1:32:43 Über spies when boot-shopping: Southern Nigeria has the oil, Christian minority, President-
elect Buhari from the North; migrants throwing Christians overboard
1:41:28 Minimum wage protests at 157 Central Park West; Wal-Mart closings over plumbing issues,
Jade Helm 2015 DHS tunnels theory, unionization theory, privatization theory, JCD minimum
wage ination theory: $15 per hour “a steal”, comparison with car prices
1:52:04 Outernet project propaganda outlet for Soros’ Open Society Institute
1:55:07 O-bots on Harry Reid beaten up by mob, Ted Cruz supposedly pushing religion; Bill Clinton’s
impending martyrdom, Warren may jump in if “drafted”, Harvey Keitel: “she deserves the
job if she wants it”, America Rising Hillary hit piece; JCD: Scott Walker will win in 2020
2:08:50 Donation segment #2; ACC’s NASCAR experience, limoncello gifts
2:22:46 Homeschooling demographics; JCD’s daughter’s job grinding up rabbits; Detroit homeschool-
ing double murder an excuse for more intrusion; Long Island superintendent on supporting
Common Core opt-out: “legally I can’t”
2:31:20 Über spies part deux: Jordanian driver, Iran “the worst of the worst”, explanation of Sunni
vs Shia, Israeli brainwashing, prophesied Middle East war with Russia; JCD on the origin of
Muhammad Ali’s name
2:40:02 Former IMF head Rodrigo Rato arrested for money laundering; Greece joining AIIB rumor
2:42:49 Autogyro pilot alerted Tampa Bay Times about plan; Capitol “tax the 1%” suicide
2:45:00 Hillary’s changing position on gay marriage
713 New Mediocre (2015-04-16)
0:00:00 ACC: “Nothin’ says I’m Muslim like runnin’ around naked.” (1:47:19)
0:00:32 ACC at Foley suite in Las Vegas; no Podcast Award; PodcastOne, no Nielsen equivalent, Leo
Laporte the “fantastic pitch man”; Jennifer Briney in Japanese schoolgirl uniform; NAB Show,
how to wear a Countryman microphone, intermittent patchouli odor, badge-scanning booth
babes, ACC: “nein! nicht scannen!”, parking tips, giant quadcopters; Capo’s Speakeasy
0:24:07 Luggage thieves caught on camera, TSA theft and groping rings, ACC: “they need to go to
jail”; White House “broom stick” autogyro landing, idiotic MSNBC coverage; CNN on aircraft
hacking “alarming government watchdog report”, “all you would need is a laptop and a wi-
connection” based on a single paragraph, “they are more connected to the network”, “it’s like
a ying router”; inter-aircraft communication via ADSB, Internet Protocol, not internet
0:44:04 ACC on computers ying planes: “people will die”; socialist robot utopia; Global Conference
on Cyberspace 2015 in The Hague, “innovation room”; Ted Kaczynski on human need for
challenge, Idiocracy societal meltdown scene
0:55:46 Donation segment #1
1:04:46 New execution show: Dead, based on acceptability of televising police shootings, celebrity
ring squads, ACC: “it might be funny to have a super gay guy to host the show”
1:12:49 Ted Cruz on Constitution’s notion of preexisting rights; Megyn Kelly and gun banner’s talking
points, Kelly: “and yet, guns are a lot like lawyers: you don’t want one around until you need
one”, “I’m not breaking onto your house”, JCD: “it’s the whole point!”; Operation Chokepoint
apparently still leaning on gun shops, Sir Chris’ letter on opposition to AB-66 body cameras
which “would require ocers to read Miranda rights to victims”
1:27:01 Wasserman Schultz on Rand Paul’s abortion position: “would Rand Paul let a woman die?”
1:30:27 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Lagarde: “what we risk is the new mediocre to become
reality”, ECB’s negative interest rate impact on mortgage principal; FEMEN “end the ECB
dictatorship” protester
1:38:21 Paid internet propaganda trolls in Russia, JCD on Microsoft “munchkins“ trolling OS/2,
Ballmer crash disk, Hillary’s techno-experts
1:44:42 Six-week cycle: Sheri Gary Painter on ISIS in Mexico: “people have found Muslim clothing,
they have found Koran books”, Show 650 clip with same script; CyberCaliphate’s posting
of law enforcement names and addresses by “right wing sympathizer”; Germany’s proposed
ten-week data retention policy, “terrorism and organized crime”; Facebook chat spying by
CIA-backed In-Q-Tel funded Recorded Future
1:59:50 Google accused by EU of monopolistic practices
2:01:40 Donation segment #2; new Isaac Pigott “shocked, shocked” $256 promo
2:09:00 Maryland “free range” children taken into custody, “safety plan”, ACC’s mother’s slide whistle,
JCD’s bicycling adventures
2:14:23 Wal-Mart closings for “plumbing repairs”
2:16:07 Iranian nuclear deal falling apart, Rouhani “deals with world leaders, not lawmakers”
2:18:15 Rachel Maddow: “privatizing the VA … is a sleeper issue for the 2016 campaign”, head of VA
torpedoes the theory; producer ICD-10 feedback
712 Kalette (2015-04-12)
0:00:00 ACC: “Well this is an outrage, we have a master bomb maker on the loose.” (2:34:06)
0:00:34 ACC heading to Las Vegas for Podcast Awards and NAB Convention
0:02:18 Podcasting patent invalidated, “unpatentable”; Personal Audio related episodes screw-up;
EFF’s lawyers from Greenberg Traurig
0:14:17 Harf on program to y in children of “legally present” parents, “the price tag? I don’t know”
0:16:25 Obama on climate as “primary security threat” according to Pentagon; new Surgeon General
Vivek Murthy on insect-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, JCD: “he’s mixing up his
diseases with his Indian food”; Obama’s daughter’s asthma: climate or second hand smoke?
0:20:53 Response to Show 711 vocal fry segment, “sexism”, perception of creakers as “knowledgable
and educated”, lowering of voice pitch; Nilai Patel checks in with The Rack on Apple Watch,
JCD: “you’ve captured fry plus uptalk”; producer on vocal fry damage
0:29:39 Veterans’ treatment delays worse than ever
0:31:24 Kerry certies Haiti’s elections steps; Über spies: Haitian driver on Clinton gold mines, 160k
still in tents, oil and sulfur, earthquake “could have been manifested”, Sean Penn a “good
guy”, “Haitians do not want to unite for greater good of their country”, “the government here
and there will wipe that 10% out”, Bush Sr. Haitian currency wipe-out, new “cockroach” Pras,
Young Haitian Entrepreneurs, Pzer steps in on anti-hypertension tropical almond “zanmann”;
ACC sideswiped on return trip, JCD “now we’re even” cab accident story
0:56:37 Donation segment #1; ACC’s new Spotlight jingle search; new backup recording device
1:17:19 Hillary clip medley; stealing White House furniture; “declaring as we speak” on social media;
Rand Paul not naming neocons he opposes: “I don’t want to make this about personalities”,
Megyn Kelly “irregardless”; Biden “lling in” for Obama in podcast; Hannity on Hillary’s
temper, lesbian subtext, “why take a chance” on Hannity
1:37:43 Craig James caller on Pentagon gay bomb; Tranny Lucille to ACC: you’re a republican, BtGC
response: ACC is an ally
1:42:21 Six-week cycle: John T. Booker Jr. plot, “mentally ill”, 2014 voluntary commitment, FBI
interview, JCD on “super salesmen”, “vehicle-borne” VBIED; Alexander E. Blair “misprision
of a felony”; JCD on impossibility of staying within the law in Russia with luggage cart
1:57:21 ICD-10 feedback; V97.33XD “sucked into jet engine subsequent encounter”, W61.62XA “struck
by a duck”; Dude Named Ben on ICD search engine; ACC vs JCD debate on reimbursement
2:12:45 CSI: Cyber bomber: “people have to know that we are a society addicted to technology”
2:15:15 Donation segment #2
2:21:43 Theory for Comey’s six-week cycle event clusters: more, smaller events for home-grown terror
budget and cyber operations; NBC homegrown terror arrest rundown, Keonna Thomas allowed
to wear niqāb in court; CIA “operative” Bob Baer on Tsarnaev’s bomb mods: “these two
knuckleheads didn’t do this on their own”, Tapper: “re-jiggering, rewiring”
2:36:16 MSNBC’s “thirty-second brieng” on ISIS
2:37:58 Modi-Hollande Mirage deal; A-10 Warthog vs Scorpion “barbie plane”, titanium “bathtub”
for crew; James Post III red for treason threat; JTAC guy: 30mm gatling gun “the sound of
don’t mess with me”, A-10 sound clips; PBS: “could you fart your way through space?”
2:51:38 Tech news: Amazon same-day delivery in Austin; KRON Apple watch “new best friend” story;
fanboys on Apple’s new “line minimization”
2:58:46 Kale + brussels sprouts = kalette; Here and Now: kids “hooked on kale”
711 Facebook Thuggin’ (2015-04-09)
0:00:00 JCD: “Everything would not even be an issue if we’d all go vegan.” (0:51:52)
0:00:34 D.C. power outage; Android/iOS app “maintenance”; Amazon Pot Shards Ranch Hand recom-
mendation; Über-Starwood deal; Austin’s Yellow Rose, ACC’s neighbor Stephanie Colorado
0:10:33 Alcoholism in DSM-V, “drug craving”, “behavioral addictions”, JCD: “does it include visiting
The Yellow Rose three times a week?”, social media & caeine; WHO’s ICD-10 68k billing
codes, October 2015 deadline, small practice nightmare, “contact with knife, sword, or dagger”
0:22:56 Russian State Department “hackers”; Michael Flynn: “very high” chance of Clinton hack
0:29:56 Vocal fry: Jill Abramson, Faith Salie: “America’s young women are running out of oxygen”,
upward mobility signal, Abramson: “digital worrrk” ejective “k”, looped “frontrunnerrr”
0:38:53 California water usage E.O. B-29-15, $500-per-day nes, lawn replacement, “fee structures”,
Water Energy Technology “WET”, eminent domain; Obama: “the number of climate deniers is
shrinking rapidly”, asthma; Christiana Figueres: “exceeding the planetary carrying capacity”,
“by curtailing population, then we have solved the problem”; Cowspiracy 660-gallon burger
0:56:10 Donation segment #1; “yeah no” contranym; IFTTT bat signal recipe
1:11:18 Wonder Showzen: “I think the CIA is controlling my thoughts”, “Uh, no we’re not”; Snowden
statue in New York City park; John Oliver interview, Snowden sounding like PR guy, man on
the street “no idea who Edward Snowden is”, “yes, I miss Hot Pockets very much”, truck nuts
1:21:06 Josh Earnest on Corker bill requiring Iran to renounce terrorism “unrealistic suggestion”
1:24:28 Walter Scott shooting: police chief on dash cam footage to come; European Convention on
Human Rights OKs deprivation of life “in order to eect a lawful arrest or to prevent the
escape of a person lawfully detained”; Sharpton pushing Federal police laws, 10th Amendment
a clarication; James Clyburn blames ALEC “vigilante” stand your ground laws
1:32:53 British media all in on “too close to call” elections; applause sound eect for UKIP; former
Google exec and former Michelle Obama aide Christina Shockey hired by Clinton campaign
1:38:37 Net neutrality: vulgarity on amateur radio; Kristin Holmes arrested for “Facebook thuggin’
1:44:16 Obama the weapon sales champion: Bush down $30bn, “spinning out of control now”; former
CIA director Woolsey in 2006: “we are going to win because we are on the side of those
whom these regimes most fear: their own people”; Lockheed Martin’s female CEO; NORAD’s
Admiral Gortney “the person that owns the trigger” on missile defense “advanced kill vehicle”
1:57:59 60 Minutes Jeh Johnson interview, Stahl: “how serious is this threat, is it hair on re?”,
“reading the web and being radicalized”; background justifying droning al-Awlaki and son, “it
was actually easier to say yes than it was to say no”, Win Lose or Drone; Al-Shabaab jingle
2:12:41 Donation segment #2; No Agenda tip: how to avoid corkage fees
2:24:10 Common Core: testing coordinator’s P.A. announcement, “15,000 steps”
2:26:35 Russian loans, gas discounts, import ban exemption for Greece; WWII €278.7bn reparation
demand vs €240bn in bailouts; massive London bank heist; global oil chokepoint list
2:36:44 Tsarnaev guilty of all charges; Judge Napolitano on Judy Clarke’s sloppy defense; Putin-hater
Masha Gessen on Fresh Air, on denition of “self-radicalized”: “nobody knows” (CotD);
Anarchist’s Cookbook given to New York women by FBI, pressure cooker joke
2:47:06 Tech news: good, bad, “don’t roll your own crypto”
2:49:11 Alan Dershowitz on pedobear accusation: “adavit categorically denying the truth”
2:53:12 Chicago Med hand grenade wielding terrorist, “you thought ebola was a nightmare”
2:54:23 Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America ad: “Rand Paul is dangerous”
710 Joy Brigade (2015-04-05)
0:00:00 JCD: “That’s the kind of idiot she was.” (1:38:15)
0:00:32 ACC & CVC at Stevie Wonder concert, harpejji; American Über drivers, Über spies jingle
0:05:03 “Happy birthday to all ships at sea”, Mimi the “gift Nazi”, Christmas stocking mandarin
orange tradition; Steve Wonder “admits” he’s not blind; JCD’s Biz cleaning tips
0:11:40 Obama on Iran “framework”, “a” vs “an historic”, “no greater responsibility than the security
of the American people”; Harry Reid beaten up by alcoholic brother; Obama’s three options
for Iran, “the second option is we can bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities”, 2016 election connection,
following through on campaign promise, “international unity will collapse” in cace of failure,
“our tireless, and I mean tireless, Secretary of State John Kerry”
0:26:17 Netanyahu quotes unnamed Iranian general: Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable”, “bad
deal”; Cotton: “the terms … are not as bad as I had feared, they are worse”, dodging religious
freedom law question: “in Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay”; Brooks: “Barack
Obama will go down in history and he’ll earn the Nobel Prize he got, whenever he got it”;
Iranian diplomat on U.S. as source of instability; oil down, Dow up, food prices down
0:46:15 Donation segment #1; JCD on 7/10 bowling split; Telegram Messenger app
1:04:39 Producer note: “o-OPEC is just another name for oil bunkering”, militants protecting supply
Navy’s supply; OPEC member rundown, you don’t use your own oil or cocaine
1:10:49 No Agenda detractors on Twitter & Reddit, “citric acid is vitamin C”, Show 709 topic rundown
1:15:03 CNN on Kim Jong-un reinstating female “joy brigade”;, Gary Kasparov on advisory
council; JCD recommends The Loved One
1:24:30 New York female “terrorists” possible six-week cycle, “stockpiled some dangerous materials”,
“several canisters of propane gas”, jihadis going to Syria skit; “was your wife a caring person or
a terrorist?”, The Anarchist’s Cookbook, Feinstein: “these documents are not protected by
the First Amendment and should be removed from the internet”; Attorney General nominee
Loretta Lynch leading prosecution; JCD Feinstein story: chained le room door
1:38:45 New Tsarnaev video: “the evidence you’ve never seen before”, Whole Foods plug, ACC: “that
backpack is pretty at to be containing a pressure cooker”
1:43:59 Monica Lewinsky TED talk: “the click that reverberated around the world”; ACC’s No Agenda
vs Dutch celebrity; “public shaming as a blood sport has to stop”, chatroom “jiggle the handle”
1:52:13 Donation segment #2
2:05:31 CBS This Morning “your world in 90 111 seconds”; Nicki Minaj crying kid insta-puberty
2:10:47 Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart; Don Lemon, “culture and race blogger” Wendy Todd,
“I’d like a conscious person of color at the wheel” Washington Post op-ed, Jay Thomas: “that
thing is evil, that Twitter thing”
2:20:09 1977 ABC video: “an ice age is returning to the earth with glaciers down to the Mason-Dixon
line and freezing temperatures south of that”
2:22:40 Douchebag call-out to Hershey over grey market British Cadbury products, JCD Löwenbräu
story; Yorkie bar vs York peppermint patty
2:28:31 Tech news: JCD’s unltered Gmail spam, “I didn’t sign up for Hebrew!”; Tesla’s April Fool
“Model W” watch joke, stock price spike; EFF on DMCA protection for automotive computers;
Amazon Echo easter egg list, ACC on stellar tech support, Prime Pantry; U.S. Army report
on trees as antennas, Alexander Stepanovich Popov as inventor of radio
2:45:07 Islam poised to overtake Christianity around 2050
709 Terror Factory (2015-04-02)
0:00:00 ACC: “A little less jingles, really?” (1:08:32)
0:00:33 Mysterious “booms” in California and Washington
0:01:59 National {Child Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention, Donate Life,
Cancer Drug Bonanza Control, Fiscal Capability} Month; March 30 Education & Sharing
Day; World Autism Awareness Day; Risperdal gynecomastia
0:10:18 Religious Freedom Restoration Act “national outcry”, “Republicans hate gays” meme aimed at
LGBBTQQIAAP community, Tim Cook Facebook post for the fanboys; GLAAD on anti-gays’
“Satanic inuence” accusations; Letterman weighs in; JCD: next, appearance discrimination
0:22:50 Robert Menendez, Florida eye surgeon Salomon Melgen friendship vs bribery, JCD: “he’s a
U.S. Senator who likes hookers … that’s a stunner”; Harry Reid’s departure; Steve Wynn, Joe
Francis casino tab feud, Francis’ Girls Gone Wild t-shirt as legal release
0:32:05 George Soros cancels April 15, six-week cycle, Berkeley speaking engagement; Soros prepared
to invest $1bn Ukraine; IMF sanctions on Ukraine, 300% gas price hike; The World is Not
Enough: “I’m trying to build an 800-mile pipeline through Turkey and you, Mr. Bond,
have come all this way to tell me that I might be in danger?”; Little House on the Prairie;
Brzezinski: Ukraine as part of EU, not NATO; Greece to run out of cash by April 9, Russia
steps in; Sir Gene’s proposed Russia trip, JCD on Hermitage Museum’s deteriorating/fake
holdings, JCD: “I got as close to it as I could to see if I could smell the paint”
0:45:44 Germanwings war on crazy; bogus initial “emergency, emergency” reports; inaudible breathing
sounds and door alarm, nonexistent autopilot beep; Régis Le Sommier on “nal seconds” video,
“we don’t have the video”, Today Show: “incredibly poor taste” to show it to a reporter,
slippery denition of “real”; Jan Cocheret predicted crash two months ago
0:58:40 Donation segment #1; 708 art by John Fletcher, “internet!” scream; “send your cash” rap
1:13:40 ACC’s CD-less Über sources: Nigerian driver predicts Goodluck Jonathan defeat, $270M
monthly from “o-OPEC” oil; Syrian driver: Sunni-Shia war, Farsi empire to balance Saudis;
new economic hit-man: Iran to balance Saudi Arabia & Turkey, centrifuges in series vs parallel
1:29:30 Absurd cadence by Turkey shooting correspondent; Molly Wood to NPR, Hak5
1:34:15 DIA’s Michael Flynn on “policy confusion”; CBC caller: The Terror Factory (CotD)
1:42:04 Obama’s to visit Jamaica, Red Book: terrorist cruise ship attack; ripped jeans, Sneaker Pawn
1:47:39 Reading from Ted Kaczynski’s 1971 “unnamed essay”: “creative nonconformity”; News Hour
on unconscious racism, “not the way that 51% are showing it”, quickness-to-shoot test
1:54:57 Earth Hour Pocoyo preschooler cartoon; Earth Hour lights-out; Atlanta school cheating rack-
eteering convictions, “illegal activity in the guise of a legitimate enterprise”
2:01:58 New Executive Order: “Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Signicant
Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities”; producer note: “Russian” Vikingdom2015 attack on
Maine .gov websites originating from; Chicago P.D. GPS “reverse the signal”
2:13:58 Donation segment #2; JCD on inadvertent PC Magazine deal-queering
2:29:42 Let’s Get Social trifecta for end of show
2:31:18 Real News: TMZ on Andrew Getty two-to-the-head “traumatic injury to rectal area”
2:33:16 Senators to FIFA: ditch Russia for 2018, switch to natural turf; AVON 39 moral self-licensing
2:36:57 Warren hounded by Savannah Guthrie, “I’m not running, and I’m not going to run”, Lauer:
“Darius, I don’t think she’s running”; Carly Fiorina’s “more than 90%” chance of running,
government workers who “watch porn all day” and get paid the same
708 Power & Gossip (2015-03-29)
0:00:00 JCD: “With like their arms straight down and they’re real sti and they’re just bug-eyed.
0:00:35 New bat signal providers Pushbullet & Pushover
0:03:08 ACC: “breaking news, the Germanwings pilot had a club foot and narcolepsy”; torn-up doc-
tor’s notes, “psychological autopsy”, vision problems an SSRI side-eect; Airbus dyslexic
evasion maneuver change; TCAS “pull up! terrain!” vs “the only cockpit noise, the sound of
the co-pilot breathing normally”; Andreas Lubitz’ “torn-up sick notes”; Germanwing air crew
who won’t y A320; Mayor: “there’s no proof so far that the media are what really happened”;
Boeing’s News Hour sponsorship, “in-depth, independent journalism”; backstory x: Euro-
pean Aviation Safety Agency recommends two-person cockpit rule; three
ADSP entries, register 40 ight management control data, altitude control 38k vs 96 feet in
nal frame; Large Hadron Collider, bank investigators theories
0:35:41 Dinner with banker: “capitalism is gossip and power”; Walter Winchell father of modern
gossip journalism, biographer: “that empowers you”; Winchell: “Mr. and Mrs. North and
South America and all the ships at sea, let’s go to press”; Paul Harvey on 60 Minutes; JCD:
The Wendy Williams Show gossip tour de force; politicians as celebrities; Alex Jones: “for
twenty-plus years they’ve had glow-in-the-dark dogs you can buy, they’re part jellysh!”
0:55:46 “Man overboard” e-mail: “the tone of your show seems to angry”
1:00:14 ACC Über intelligence network update: Kashmiri driver on MH370 “disappeared”
1:04:13 Donation segment #1; DEA “sex parties” in Colombia;; Easter $45.15
1:22:18 Ukrainian ocial suicides; Boston bombing veteran police ocer shot in face
1:24:30 P5+1 Iran negotiations’ impact on Syria; Charlie Rose interview with “dictator of Syria”,
“every dialogue is a positive thing”, “there is no direct communication”; Iranian nuclear
expertise; backgrounds of P5+1 negotiators, Mohammed El-Baradei of International Crisis
Group, Wendy Sherman of Albright Stonebridge Group; Saudi “Decisive Storm” coalition,
Boom Bust predicted Houthi crisis as Saudi Arabia threat, Sana’a bombing, Houthi capital in
Aden, shipping chokepoint, Djibouti drones; News Hour resurrects chemical weapons meme
1:46:26 Ted Cruz candidacy: Gwen Ill’s sneering “as if”; Bill Maher vs actual clip on “my music taste
changed on 9/11”, win for country radio, country music writing songs vs benet concerts,
Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux: “nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music”
1:58:02 Oakland Zoo program for patrons to bring food for animals: “fruits and veggies”; Europeans
opposed to feeding chickens insects; Ghent “veggie Thursday”
2:08:23 Massive Dutch power outage; producer note on Irish water: citizens ghting smart meters
2:11:50 Bowe Bergdahl backgrounder, “great question” about jail time, Pentagon to avoid jail time
2:15:18 Weekly Hooker Report: H.Con.Res.29, climate change makes women “vulnerable to situations
such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage”
2:18:25 Budget to reduce decit by cutting health benets, not military
2:19:55 Jade Helm 15 exercise, Seed Man’s previously-published “secret document” (CotD); JCD on
“frozen” agoraphobics at Andronico’s; the “I hate whales” gambit
2:25:33 Donation segment #2
2:41:24 Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, renminbi as reserve currency; everyone all in
on BRICS; DH Unplugged on bogus Chinese numbers creeping toward reality; ACC on huge
Austin bank buildings; Obama podcast on payday loans: “protecting Americans’ paychecks”;
APR comparison: 391% vs credit card 965% vs utility bill 1203%
707 Bandwich (2015-03-26)
0:00:00 JCD: “Where’s the FBI?!” (2:16:12)
0:00:33 Heinz-Kraft merger, “Warren Buet loves food … now you can add mac & cheese to the list”,
33% stock price boost
0:03:02 No Agenda ahead of the media identifying Bowe Bergdahl as a deserter; Susan Rice former
employee of Ted Cruz’ wife; The View hysterics over Cruz’ former dual citizenship, Whoopi
Goldberg: “are you talking for the Cuban sahd, or the white sahd?”
0:12:58 Richard Quest Germanwings crash comeback; pilot leaving ight deck; Rachel Madcow blames
Bush for reinforced doors, hijacker theory, ACC: “that is as likely as me being able to x you
of your lesbianism”, two-person cockpit protocol; anonymous ocials in NYT story; JCD’s
DisplayPort woes, ACC’s aviation forums; missing “memory card” from armored data recorder
that can withstand 7200 g’s, sounds of breathing
0:33:51 Airbus 320 y-by-wire, Paris air show crash, autonomous pitch decrease, Boeing vs Airbus,
cockpit fumes incident; no more ight engineers; automatic descent “button”; ACC: “aviate,
navigate, communicate”; historical ve deliberate crashes; Merkel & Hollande at site; CT
scanner delete key adding zeroes to dosage; Eurocopter Windows NT in-ight reboot; JCD’s
Ford Sync crash and two-hour reboot; France to limit cash transactions to €1000
0:54:35 Maddow “these nude tails”/“these new details”, Crystal Gayle “newest tits”/“newest hits”
0:58:03 Donation segment #1; JCD on useless DisplayPort FAQ
1:06:41 Bowe Bergdahl’s attorney a massive “I can’t tell you” dud on News Hour
1:10:51 Monsanto consultant Patrick Moore declines to drink “not dangerous to humans” Roundup,
“you’re a complete jerk”; tough interview stories; Bill Maher to mother of ve children: “they’ll
be takers of water”, Kissinger’s “useless eaters”; “biotech fruits and vegetables” approved by
FDA, WHO study linking Roundup to cancer; Cartagena Protocol vs USAID; suicides in India
1:26:04 Caliphate: Carter Ham on “corrupted” social media information; NCIS military social media
episode; expanding military budgets; new AUMF with three-year sunset clause, Dempsey:
“derived from the fact that we will have a new President”; MIT pre-ISIS Twitter analysis
1:40:50 Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Silicon Valley types: “bags full of money and no manners”, “fogeys
gonna foge” comment; Norman Lear’s 15 Central Park West condo; Facebook positioning itself
as news site: full circle to AOL, MTV’s AOL keyword
1:49:31 Proposed Irish water bill garnishment, fees, penalties
1:53:48 Candidate to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty: Margaret Sanger
1:56:57 Donation segment #2
2:05:08 Obama to secure legacy “by hook or by crook”, Carolyn Maloney: “he saved the internet”
2:10:26 Net neutrality and Comcast/Time Warner; White House Expanding Broadband Deployment
memo; absurd FCC E-Rate “bandwich” requirements; Philly school ransomware incident
2:22:04 TWiT Brick House bomb threat; Dutch Über oce raid; Jordanian Über driver: female UAE
pilot shot down “burning man” Jordanian pilot; downside of taxi/limo back seat
2:27:10 Angelina Jolie now has ovaries yanked; Danish documentary on Gardasil dangers
2:31:06 Lanza home demolished, contents incinerated; Utah to reinstate backup ring squad, Silicon
Valley “sure!” response to question, No Agenda ring squad game show
2:38:03 State lottery money for education a replacement, not a supplement; Dutch postal code lottery
2:42:48 For Sunday: China crisis; John Hamm rehab to promo Madmen
2:45:02 Abby Martin at ZDay: “I don’t just wanna react to mainstream media’s circlejerk of fuckery”
706 Scrub In! (2015-03-22)
0:00:00 JCD: “It’s kind of like the herpes of computers.” (2:40:22)
0:00:35 California’s impending lack of water story Los Angeles Times clickbait
0:03:37 iPhone ngerprint setup vs Global Entry ve-second four-nger scanner; explosives felon pass-
ing through TSA Pre; Dublin and other locations doing customs work pre-boarding; SxSW
survivors hitting Über drivers up for weed; Über, Lyft airport deals
0:18:18 Mont Saint-Michel re-islandication by sea level rise “super tide”; Patrick Moore on Green-
peace position: “humans as the enemies of the earth”, “we are in an ice age called the Pleis-
tocene”; Executive Order to “maintain Federal leadership in sustainability and greenhouse gas
emission reductions”, “Green Button data access system”
0:28:59 Megan Smith video: “I’m sorry I can’t be with you guys to scrub
in on this so important topic”, “instigation job”, JCD: “is she having a conversation yet?”,
“datapalooza”, “contest launching excetera”; fuel cell, modular nuke mandate
0:45:27 No proclamation for Down’s Syndrome Day; Kurdish female ululating, Fletcher “rubblize!”
0:50:08 Donation segment #1
1:00:40 Weekly Hooker Report: North Carolina ethics law says sexual favors not reportable gifts
1:04:51 Napolitano apology for “we don’t have to listen to this crap” about protesting students;
cheating high school students in India, Saudi Arabia treats women better than India
1:17:57 Germany Economy Minister not big on TTIP; German intelligence service BND’s €1bn new
facility, sabotage, water damage; Five Eyes: Germany wants in; RT to Je Rathke: “why is it
that U.S. exercises do not raise tensions?”; A.N.S.W.E.R. on exercises “surrounding Russia”
1:28:01 Stephen Cohen Ukraine: “anybody who was going to tamper with this delicate balance
either had an evil deed on his or her mind, or didn’t know history”, “proxy American-Russian
war”, No Agenda name for Cold War II, “fog of war” = misinformation, American WWI
propaganda, Edward Bernays, JCD: “the only guy that mentions our show is Leo”, Cohen:
“it comes down to the fact that the facts are all bad, and dangerous, and getting worse”
1:50:38 Dr. Pepper native ad with 104-year-old woman, “she fell in love with the soft drink’s trade-
marked 23 avors when she was in her sixties”, ACC: “the CEO is there!” (CotD); Mexico
buys four-minute James Bond script rewrite, “see that, North Korea, no need to hack, just
cut a check”; Apple’s “top secret” exercise lab, ACC: “human resource: time to stand!
2:01:38 New spokeshole Je Rathke on Iran talks: “we’re … focused on getting a good deal”
2:04:07 ISIS using cute animals and merch for recruitment, ACC: “an ISIS hoodie would be nice”
2:07:56 Charlie Rose to female reporter: “next time, dinner and a warm re, Nora”
2:10:03 Donation segment #2; e-mail from former Adam Lanza friend
2:20:18 Netanyahu on U.S. security vs Israel survival; 137 dead in “Islamic State Group” Yemen
bombings; “Ash” Carter grilled by Walorski on climate change vs budget as top threat
2:30:54 Google AdSense terms and conditions as “lawful content” preview
2:36:39 Bloomberg going after Kaspersky over legal director Igor Chekunov’s FSB contacts, “cyber
isolationism”, JCD: revenge for Stuxnet reveal
2:40:36 British Cottonelle “loo paper” advertisement “so you can go commando”
2:42:20 Ezili Dantò on Clintons using Haiti as “their private asset to liquidate”, ACC: “the Clintons
are going to start whacking people pretty soon”
2:47:15 Venezuela declared a threat by Executive Order
2:50:20 Police resignation over Chicago’s Hommen Square “black site”, civil rights lawsuit
705 Lying Weasels (2015-03-19)
0:00:00 JCD: “Some skank from the hood.” (1:50:00)
0:00:33 New Dutch listeners, ACC the Dutch media distraction; Perfect365 insta-sele-makeover app
0:05:58 No proclamation for Registered Nurse Day; iOS mixed language woes; Italian tampon non-use
0:10:11 Senate sex tracking bill dead in the water over abortion provision; JCD on three-year Berke-
ley prostitution legalization window; European historical attitudes
0:19:20 Iran and Hezbollah o the state-sponsored terror list due to “formatting change”, John Bolton:
“the people who would say this is a format change are weasels”, “lying weasels”; Cotton vs
Kerry on legally binding or not; Mike Mullen fears Iran more than ISIS; Kerry all in on
negotiating with Assad, Psaki doing White House damage control; Brennan to Charlie Rose
on coalition “moving Assad and his ilk out”; Newshour Syria backgrounder, ACC: “B-roll
bonanza”; Tikrit “piles of concrete rubble”, “bomb them into the Stone Age” meme
0:39:55 Protestors trying to burn new European Central Bank building, Spanish bank runs; EU
“peacekeepers” to Eastern Ukraine; Russia’s PR rm, JCD on Pearson cloning tech books
0:49:59 Producer notes on CCRAP PARCC test “glitches”; ISIS recruiting in sign language
0:52:57 Donation segment #1; Boston’s 108.6 inches of snow, Vanuatu cyclone, State of Fear setting
1:07:55 Washed-up towlette possibly from MH370
1:09:00 Goofy Ashton Carter introduction; Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyrics on CSPAN call-in
1:13:15 American Association for the Advancement of Science signups, Gulf of Mexico survey
1:14:53 Netanyahu election victory after media’s standard “too close to call” run-up, “Gallup-NBC”
poll, Vegas bookie model; Obama mandatory voting comment; Oce of Administration now
FOIA-proof, JCD on journalists: “we’re not Hemingway”
1:27:08 First Look tl/dr story on FBI agents’ taped comments from Christopher Lee Cornell episode;
editor needed for Greenwald’s overly-verbose style; Snowden at SxSW
1:35:44 DEA’s Michele Leonhart on heroin coming from Mexico
1:38:28 Civil forfeiture lesson in The Mysteries of Laura, Rosetta Stone native ad; The Magic of
Science Gardasil native ad: “recrotch?!”
1:41:58 Donation segment #2; ACC & CVC early return ight; dropped by AdSense
1:53:48 Psaki on “ludicrous” accusations of coup attempt in Venezuela, “as a longstanding policy the
United States does not support political transitions by non-Constitutional means”, Matt Lee:
“how longstanding is that?”, “touché”, ACC’s fencing career
1:59:43 Second Half of Show: Obama responds to Jimmy Kimmel question on Area 51: “the aliens
won’t let it happen, you’d reveal all their secrets; they exercise strict control over us”; Obama
train of thought derailment on Sandy Hook and gun laws, “there are neighborhoods where it’s
easier for you to buy a handgun, and clips, than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable”, “have
machineguns in bars” (CotD); Texas open carry passed
2:11:42 San Francisco church evicting the homeless by dumping water on them, “needles and condoms”
2:15:54 Upcoming Supreme Court gay marriage ruling as States rights issue
2:19:14 Oil stockpile space running out, hedge rollover, possible second crash; Reagan-era Saudi pro-
duction pullback led to loss of market share; Arnie Gundersen “Chernobyl on steroids” article
over proposed Westinghouse AP1000 reactor in Ireland, Sir Atomic Rod weighs in
2:27:40 Boston bombing trial continues, sans bomb placement video
2:28:46 Dr. Joseph Roche the latest Mars One “man overboard”, ten-minute Skype interview
2:31:38 Kraft Mac & Cheese recall; write-o accounting tricks; JCD recipe for Sunday
704 Faschtech (2015-03-15)
0:00:00 ACC: “D.C. gay bar.
0:00:32 ACC “The Ride of the Valkyrie” singalong fail; meetup with Patricia, store opening
0:03:20 Putin to appear in public again; STRATFOR’s George Friedman on European war, “there is
no Europe to have a relationship with”, Germany and Russia combined would be a threat,
General Hodges medal-pinning in Ukraine, extra-NATO arms pre-positioning, cordon sanitaire
around Russia, “Intermarium”, “we get to invade people and they don’t get to invade us”;
Robert Scales: “the only way the United States can have any eect in this region is to start
killing Russians”
0:33:05 Republican Senator letter to Iran, Presidential interview trailer by Vice: “I’m embarrassed for
them”; payback for Obama’s Boehner backstab; “hi Andrea, hi Jen!”, Psaki: “the negotiations
remain between the negotiators, so do we think this is going to have a direct impact on the
room? no”, “nearly unprecedented” meme; Howard Dean: “Cotton doesn’t get it”, Cotton
a Bill Kristol protégé being groomed for Vice President run, “Tim Cook gay”, Anonymous:
Cotton photo from gay bar, JCD: “can you guys tell me where the girls are?”; Obamas
celebrating Nowruz early, continuing Iranian emergency extension; Maginot Line
0:56:47 Suicide church bombings in Lahore; ACC’s Über driver on Durand Line; Israel’s 80 nukes,
blowing up the Ka’aba, “blood on the moon”, Blood Moon Prophacy
1:03:48 Donation segment #1; John Fletcher-fest donations, Janis Joplin, standing waves
1:25:37 Native advertising in Danielle Steel; CNN two-camera native ad for new stealth bomber ending
with “remains to be seen”; Valley Girl, Jeannie Mai The Reel screech, “faschtech”, “wearapist”
1:39:27 Kerry on climate change: “by what right do people stand up and just say, well I dispute that?
or I deny that elementary truth?”, “last year was the warmest of all”; Climategate e-mail PDF
in show notes; Show 703 “man overboard”
1:46:01 Common Core: producer note on infrastructure upgrades required by PARCC, FCC $5bn E-
Rate upgrade program, Chromebooks; Nurse Tracy on wheat-cha separating tests in medical
eld; Harvard Club symposium for charter school investments, facilities nancing; Dutch
Common Core; self-driving trucks, Red Book: truck accident campaign, jihadi truck drivers
2:02:30 Yanis Varoufakis on Paris Match celebrity shoot: “you will allow me not to comment on
particular stories in the press”; Farage’s Juncker jab from Dad’s Army theme Who Do You
Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?; Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear departure as PR stunt
2:08:34 Guess the Movie: Keanu Reeves in Walk in the Clouds
2:10:04 400-page FCC document released; repeated mention of Free Press lobbying group, Robert
McChesney: news a “public good”, “the ght over hyper-commercialism”; 4 million com-
ments meme; internet users “consumers”; backroom ex parte meetings; ban on “blocking,
throttling, paid prioritization”, “lawful destinations”, “lawful internet”; Google appliances as
“consideration, monetary or otherwise”; “a little neglect may breed great mischief”; BIAS
“broadband internet access service”, dialup exclusion; JCD: metered usage
2:35:06 Valley Girl: “feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s crowdfunding time!”
2:36:12 Donation segment #2; “No Agenda will get you laid” Facebook post
2:45:02 Lean In still being milked: Today Show on feminist condence blung, JCD: Damn, the
gauge is at critical, what do I do?”; “amazing women” vs “amazing shoes”
2:48:24 JCD’s talentless mockingbird, “all the mockingbirds get a couple of car alarms”
2:51:51 Charlie Rose to Kevin Spacey: “OK, let’s just talk about your bromance with Bill Clinton”
703 Lowjistiks (2015-03-12)
0:00:00 JCD: “They don’t know anything, they’re idiots!”
0:00:33 ACC Gitmo Nation Lowlands report: visit to Lex’ country house, dinner with Patricia, Lex’
wife’s Iram report, Mike Morell centrifuges revisited; tadik rice
0:07:43 Feinstein on ISIS: “I think this is going to go on and on and on”, “enduring language”,
“lowjistiks”, Iran’s “major role”, “you cannot settle Syria and leave Assad in power”, necessity
of nuclear agreement, Netanyahu’s actions not those of an ally; Kerry: we can’t “knock out”
ISIS and just leave, “kinetic activities”; Lex weighs in on burning man video; new video with
Glock 21 wielding kid, Dawlat Al Islam Qamat music, JCD: “you’re self-radicalization yourself;
put your pants back on”, JCD recommends All’s Quiet on the Western Front
0:25:08 Christopher Lee Cornell interview on Ohio local station, “we want to show you what the Feds
want to see, and what his attorneys don’t want you to see”, “it was a mix of both of our
ideas”, “we’re in Texas”, planned attack on Israeli embassy; next cycle at tax time
0:45:02 Kerry responds to heckling Code Pink guy; ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow: ISIS “as toxic as the Nazis”;
JCD: authors of Iran letters will “sneak out the back door”; Sky News ISIS translator on
beheadee calmness due to routine execution rehearsals
0:59:29 Farage’s response to Juncker’s call for EU army, Eurocorps “virtually goose-stepping that
ghastly ag ’round the courtyard”, global military spending breakdown, “Mr. Verhofstadt I
know that by heckling you increase your hits on YouTube”; U.S. “red line” wargames and
Russian planes in the Baltics; ACC on Dutch train conductors getting beaten up; No Agenda
subversive comment skit
1:19:31 Donation segment #1; Letterman “33 years”, Women’s Day joke; McDonalds kale
1:45:20 Hillary Rosen: “the only reason we can even judge these countries is because of the total
transparency of the Clinton Foundation”, JCD explains “scathing report” extortion racket,
Clinton explains employee mail maintenance responsibility, JCD on e-mail archives; Matt Lee
on Russian hacker access to State Department, Psaki: “there are thousands of attacks we deal
with every day”; Hillary’s iPhone and BlackBerry; Feinstein on “unclear” regulations
2:06:21 School walkouts over Common Core PARCC tests, JCD teacher ring walkout story, eloquent
12-year-old Raisa Rubin-Stankiewicz explaining issues with test; 11-hour testing session, tech-
nical issues; promotional video: “the old standardized test merely evaluated Tommy’s ability
to memorize basic facts”; Common Core third grade sample test propaganda; “what the tests
primarily measure is the wealth of their families”; $1.4bn Lumina Foundation Form 990 anal-
ysis: investment vehicle/drinking club; hedge funds betting on charter schools
2:30:10 Obama on student loans: “let’s just give the money directly to the students”, “then we fought
to keep interest rates on student loans low”, 10% of income repayment cap, “student aid bill
of rights” (CotD), ACC: “sehr gut, Herr Obama
2:37:56 Record drug price rise, hepatitis C drug costing $80k for 12 weeks; usury law repeal
2:42:52 Donation segment #2
2:53:31 Dollar vs euro; Gigaom woes
2:54:12 Tech News: Tim Cook, “you can receive calls on your watch!”, return of Morse code: haptic
feedback; tumors from ubiquitous microwaves; Visa refrigerator ads; gold Apple Watch =
douchebag alert; producer on Siri being activated by “Syria”; Oracle catamaran seized
3:02:40 New Yorker MH370 article: Putin did it
3:04:37 CIA trying to break into Apple products, including Xcode
702 Toddler Wage Gap (2015-03-08)
0:00:00 JCD: “You’d go in pretty far with the, with your, hose.” (2:20:39)
0:00:33 International Women’s Day; dementia leading cause of death in women; women only get 23
hours because of Daylight Saving Time; Sheryl “Donna” Sandberg on “toddler wage gap”
0:05:44 One-year MH370 anniversary; new report exposing expired beacon battery, “computer glitch”;
JCD to Boeing engineers: who’s the worst carrier
0:09:03 ACC in Rotterdam; No Agenda travel tip: special order meal; CVC’s kickass internet; proxy
servers into Netix; House of Cards big data nosedive into the toilet
0:18:02 European ISIS propaganda; arrested Al Jazeera reporter cut o on News Night
0:22:27 “Shocking” Ferguson memos; DoJ refutes “hands up”; Van Jones to Pooper: “we’ll never
know what happened”, “white and watching” construction workers; JCD roundtable talk
show analysis, Washington Week in Review single-expert vs Fox opinionated group
0:32:20 Agenda 21: Sheldon Whitehouse’s insider investments in big oil; slamming Inhofe: “or you can
believe the Senator… with the snowball”, “predictions … as they increasingly come true”; Bill
Nye gushing over Monsanto: “when you’re in love you want to tell the world”; Brian the Gay
Crusader’s $50 per year American Association for the Advancement of Science membership;
Amy Goodman: snowstorms “extreme weather driven by climate change”; James Gleick 1985
NYT article on NYC as Daytona Beach in a century
0:49:08 300k deaths in Sudan, JCD: “where’s Clooney?”; Clooney divorce gossip
0:51:10 Donation segment #1; JCD’s oatmeal recipe in the show notes
0:58:56 LegitScript domain name registrar extortion, “illegitimate websites”
1:06:43 Anti-bullcrap, not anti-science; Gardasil marketing “pre-cancerous” campaign of terror; One
More Girl movie Dr. Diane Harper on 95% of HPV infections clearing spontaneously; Lucija
Tomljenovic on links between Gardasil and multiple sclerosis, encephalomyelitis; Vaccine Com-
pensation Act; new “biosimilar” Neupogen clone, similarity to Marvin Gaye lawsuit; JCD’s “I
got nothing” for show title; $100k per year cancer drug
1:22:26 Dallas “possible hate crime” Ahmed Al-Jumaili killing, ACC: “when it snows we get really
confused in Texas”; Jesús “Chuy” Garcia on Rahm “pay to play” Emmanuel Chicago Tribune
post-exposé endorsement, Garcia promising to end “red light ripo”; Emanuel-Garcia Sun-
Times “dead heat”; Emanuel ad: “I own that” on being a jerk; teacher’s union rep quoting
Emanuel: “25% of these kids are never going to be anything”; veterinary HMOs; Harrison
Ford’s emergency audio: “53178, engine failure, immediate return”
1:39:26 Donation segment #2; “pigs in human clothing”, Kill la Kill not Archer; “certainly” = Siri
1:54:49 Dutch news: Jihadi John the kidnapper; terrorism fund to be handed out by Kerry; ISIS
bulldozing Nimrud; Denmark debating including Muhammad cartoons in education, New York
City school calendar Muslim holidays; eliminating foreign accents, working with Windows 3.1
2:06:25 Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken’s Obama milieu Josh Earnest cadence; Susan
Rice exaggerating last word or phrase; Clinton Global Initiative money story buried; Tony
Rodham gold mining in Haiti in new Peter Schweizer book
2:14:27 FBI mosque inltrator instructed to sleep with Muslim women, slapped with restraining order;
Brennan on CIA “covering the entire universe”, Directorate of Digital Innovation
2:18:24 Another Bakken crude derailment in Illinois, JCD on ghting oil res; ammable American ar-
chitecture; RT on Saudi oil production undercutting domestic; chemical plants near reneries,
JCD’s giant bag of ammonium nitrate, ACC’s homemade ash paper
701 Oatmeal (2015-03-05)
0:00:00 ACC: “This is Radio…”, vocal sound eects (0:47:15)
0:00:36 JCD drinkin’ on the job; Podcast Awards, postproduction; Apollo Twin software update
0:10:18 Cal Thomas: “everything is right on schedule” for “end times”; Texas ice storm school closings;
Je Sessions grills Gina McCarthy on soil moisture, hurricanes: “well Mr. Chairman I’ll just
say that this is a stunning development, that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency
… doesn’t know if their projections have been right or wrong”
0:24:06 Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, National Consumer Protection Week
for consumer bill of rights, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, JCD: “we’re still
living in the dark ages of medicine”, JCD oatmeal how-to
0:34:09 Smoking gun Boston bomb placement video nally revealed as fabrication; Tsarnaev’s attor-
ney’s anti-death penalty agenda; store CCTV in the media, “there was other video shown
today, simply too graphic to show you”; Hollywoodication of terrorism, Sam Peckinpah’s
The Wild Bunch; ACC disses Radiolab (again), JCD on same-building remote at Tech TV
0:49:29 Royce to Nuland on Andrew Lack returning to NBC from “defunct” Broadcast Board of
Governors “after six weeks on the job”; Sharpton’s $750K salary revealed in Byron Williams
lawsuit, “it’s racist to even believe that Al Sharpton is go-to person”, legal extortion by “the
least expensive negro”, “give him fty thousand and a bucket of chicken”
1:04:04 Donation segment #1; Top Ten Gentlemen’s Club with Alex Jones DJ
1:20:49 ACC o to Rotterdam
1:23:35 South Korean Ambassador Mark Lippert slashed
1:26:55 Snowden’s bungie-cord extraction
1:28:34 CSI: Cyber: “any crime involving electronic devices is by denition cyber”
1:35:13 Hunter Biden’s boss Ihor Kolomoyskyi nancing 1/3 of the Ukrainian military; Dana Rohrabacher
to Nuland: “hey, it’s not your time”, Nuland’s endearing smile trick; Dutch MH17 ndings
report: Russian buk missile, RT refutation
1:51:32 HSBC insiders in BBC; Netanyahu to Congress on Ali Khamenei tweeting
1:57:29 JCD’s wine store “what I have for you today” pet peeve; spin class standup routine; the demise
of Dutch co-ed showers; ACC’s sele stick
2:05:20 Zetas cartel leader arrested
2:06:56 Petraeus plea deal, no prison time; Judge Napolitano on Clinton e-mail, “disqualication
from holding public oce”; Josh Earnest on Petraeus “improper handling” misdemeanor;; Marie Harf on “class” vs “unclass” systems; ACC: deliberate dis-
traction from Clinton Global Initiative scandal, hacker “Guccifer” discovered account in 2013;
Morning Joe on Michael Schmidt’s “fear of retribution”
2:35:19 Donation segment #2
2:44:33 Johns Hopkins patient guide: danger posed by recently vaccinated to the immunocompromised
2:47:14 New York Magazine
MH370 conspiracy theory:
; “conspiracytards”
2:49:27 “Moderate” U.S.-backed Harakat Hazm being folded into Jabhat Al Nusra; Saturday Night
Live ISIS skit, MSNBC: “is the risk worth it?”; JCD pet peeve: “that’s my personal opinion”
2:55:20 Ben Carson: “that does not require changing the denition of marriage” (CotD)
3:00:39 Snowden’s reassuring “no death penalty” guarantee; Daniel Ellsberg claries intent of Espi-
onage Act, Snowden: “there is no fair trial available”, classied evidence
3:05:39 Net neutrality EPA Supreme Court precedent, “tailoring authority”; Netix appliances
700 Bidentication (2015-03-01)
0:00:00 JCD: “Maybe she should’ve cried more.” (2:27:42)
0:00:32 Love tune-up; JCD Java update story; ACC’s loud “amen, st bump” before spin class
0:05:19 Secret Agent Paul’s “At the End of the Day” song; Producer Todd’s wife picking up “yeah,
no”; the “stupid dress thing”, 3-D posters; CBC’s Daniel Riskin: “to be anti-science would be
unthinkable”; new Gardasil 9; Pachauri absent from news
0:19:35 ACC headed to Europe on the 6th to see CVC and gangster friend Michel; Yanis Varoufakis’
TEDx talk on EU: “unscrupulous bankers, inane politicians, conniving entrepreneurs, cynical
academics, uncritical citizens who are all being unmasked”, proposes federalism; “amen, st
bump” as “yeah no” replacement; Loïc Le Meur; Eurovision Song Contest: Wurst’s “bidenti-
cation”, Finland’s 2015 entry Down’s syndrome punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
0:44:43 Producers: NA unblocked in China, conicting ghost city accounts; Yiwu-Madrid railway
maiden voyage, JCD Autodesk self-driving car speech story: trucks more ecient than rail
0:56:15 Boris Nemtsov murder: Putin telegraphs martyrdom; Russian polonium vs CIA two to the
head; hot Ukrainian girlfriend untouched; garbage truck video; RT on pre-planned march
vigil; connections with Yulia Tymoshenko; RT on immediate Western blame: “critics of Putin,
beware”; Russian propaganda playing defense; Gilbert Doctorow’s cui bono; Jen “her boobs
are huger than ever” Psaki on Russians lying to Kerry’s face: “I think he is conveying that
any statement made … by any Russian ocial…”, Matt: “is a lie”
1:18:02 Doctorow on Nemtsov talk at Columbia advocating sanctions four years ago; Matt Lee’s
protege Arshad Mohammed; former MI6 chief on “threat posed by Russia”; Lithuania to
import gas from Cheniere Energy via Baltic; Stephen Cohen: Poroshenko on “shaky ground”
1:27:11 Donation segment #1; “Putin hates gays” in House of Cards; Norman Lear’s rich cougar ex
1:59:27 Clayton Morris on “thermite bomb” aviation warning, “classied” according to DHS
2:04:34 Matt to Psaki: Jihadi John the Dude named Ben vs socioeconomic radicalization; ISIL de-
stroying replicas of antiquities, “still an assault on the heritage of the Iraqi people”, association
with Taliban Buddha destruction; Franklin Graham on Muslim inltration of federal govern-
ment, O’Reilly: “gimme some names”, Graham: “I can get those for you, Bill”
2:20:27 Abby Martin’s tearful nal Breaking the Set: “remember that nations are invented, borders
are invisible, prejudice is learned” (CotD); takes credit for net neutrality “victory”
2:29:52 Clapper: 2014 a great year for terrorism in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan; data from DHS-funded
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism START; Shahid
Buttar arrested for asking Clapper questions, “why is your agency above the law?”
2:37:18 Cotton prices down due to China stockpiling; JCD on Chinese undercutting Japanese in silk
2:41:47 Donation segment #2
2:56:28 Net neutrality: Verizon Morse code response, Morse Machine Android app; Al Franken press
release; Eric Schmidt “free and open internet”; EFF: “thanks for listening to team internet”
3:06:00 Mike Morell to Charlie Rose: limit on number of Iranian centrifuges means they’re only useful
for weapons production, Rose: “why don’t we recognize that?”, Morell: “Idunno”; Al Jazeera
Mossad leak PDF mimicking legal pad; American Jews not thrilled with Netanyahu
3:11:26 Mika Brzezinski’s freak-out over creepy Boehner smooching at journalist
3:17:15 CPAC: Rick Perry fearmongering, Carly Fiorina on Clinton Global Initiative funding
3:21:34 Lerner e-mails found, “potential criminal activity”, legally blind guy sent looking for them
3:34:27 Iran tests missiles against U.S. aircraft carrier mockup
699 50 Shades of Terror (2015-02-26)
0:00:00 JCD: “This is designed for porn.
0:00:33 JCD’s Red Book Brian Williams suicide in The Globe; “Typhoid” Mary Mallon
0:06:00 Jeh Johnson threatens Mall of America over DHS defunding: “you’ve got to be vigilant”, “if
you see something say something” revamp, “if anyone is planning to go to the Mall of America
today they’ve got to be particularly careful”, Josh Earnest’s damage-control talking points:
“vigilant”, “no credible plot”; Johnson: “whole of government approach”; Barbara Mikulski
on grants “to our local law enforcement, and to our local re department, who are on the rst
scene, any scene, twenty-four… seven”; CNN student news on al-Shabaab
0:26:15 Six week cycle: Comey’s 50 states; New York, Florida lone wolves picked up for “plotting to
travel”, “maybe hijack a plane to Syria”, “bomb Coney Island”, Obama threats on “Uzbek web
site”; “Tina” Perino on Netanyahu politics; retired John Allen on ISIL’s leadership reduction:
“we actually do have pretty good intelligence on this matter”, “accretion versus degradation
ratio” question, “the numbers are up because we’re now tracking the numbers in ways we
haven’t before”, “decimation” plan; ISIL cage video with keys dangling from lock; Fox reaction
to Kerry’s “less threat today” statement: “tell that to the families of the Americans that
were beheaded by ISIS”
0:53:28 Kerry requests more anti-RT propaganda money; RT responds with budget comparison;
Krauthammer’s nal dig: “wait until Iran has the bomb”; Miss USA “we need to kill them”
0:57:33 Lindsey Graham all in on DHS funding bill: “I’ve never seen more terrorist organizations”;
Disney anti-Nazi propaganda lm on Youtube
1:00:31 Donation segment #1; JCD on speech recognition: “format drive C!”
1:21:50 Producer note on ve-year-old threatened with suspension over nger gun
1:24:00 FCC net neutrality vote today; usenet’s historical anti-commercial attitude; Ford Foundation,
“free and open internet”; ACC: “for all your porn needs, type in porn need, space, Tumblr”,
CEO on AT&T expenditures: “it’s just not true, it’s just been disproven”, at-footed fail;
Mark Cuban’s $5.7bn redirect; Red Book: thrown out or endless litigation
1:42:56 Ancil Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism; Ellen Pao Kleiner Perkins lawsuit, Segways and
aming Fiskers, ACC story on receptionist angling for lawsuit fodder; IPCC chair Rajendra
Pachauri resignation, ACC reads from his adult novel Return to Almora; GlacierGate
2:06:16 Donation segment #2; newsletter easter egg hunts; listeners falling overboard
2:19:54 The Guardian podcast: “climate change research, that’s where the money is”
2:21:28 Merkel-Putin closed-door meeting, minor win on Lithuanian weapons cancellation; Ed Royce:
“why do they lie?”, Kerry: “you askin’ me?”, “overt and extensive propaganda exercise”,
Nuland on RT: “to understand what happens when you broadcast untruths in a media space
that is full of dynamic, truthful opinion”; Kerry: “misrepresentations, lies to my face”;
Charlie Rose goes o script with Susan Rice on “eastern ank”
2:30:35 Netanyahu’s Congressional address kerfue; leaked South African Mossad memos contradict-
ing Netanyahu’s Iran warnings; Bertha Foundation-funded lms; Israel’s water-sucking plant
2:42:55 Rahm Emmanuel’s run-o with Jesús “Chuy” Garcia, JCD on Mexican takeover of Chicago
2:46:39 Ken Silverstein leaving First Look Media, Ronan Farrow red
2:47:25 European energy union to enforce centralized buying; Greek payback agreement PDF leaked,
author Declan Costello; Bild NEIN! “greedy Greeks” article; Red Book: Warren or Clinton
toss Yellen out, Yellen fesses up about U6 vs U3; Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills at Oscars
698 Citadels of Censorship (2015-02-11)
0:00:00 JCD: “So they call him Ash.
ACC: “Mm-hm, the big Ash.” (2:39:23)
0:00:33 ACC still sick, allergy season; trip to Gruen with Nurse Tracy, “this is how we drive in Texas”
0:05:27 New ISIL video with caliphate mike ags, JCD: “they’re gonna have their own network pretty
soon”; News Hour, David Brooks on “violent” vs “Islamic” extremism, Sudanese President’s
CIA/Mossad statement revisited; Brooks: “they think there’s going to be some cataclysmic
battle and Mohammed will come down”; Kerry: “you cannot defeat what you do not under-
stand”, JCD: “is he talking about terrorism or Hillary Clinton?”, poisonous ideas from “the
pretty woman on a radical website”; Pirro/Harf “kill them” mashup; Rob Reiner suggests
European anti-Semitism is at WWII levels; Linda Sarsour to Rachel Madcow: “kids being
executed”, “shall I cut myself in half?”, “bubbling up” meme
0:31:40 Countering Violent Extremism summit: Anti-Defamation League’s Oren Segal: “95% of mur-
ders against Americans have been caused at the hands of right-wing extremists” (CotD); Su-
san “the twerp” Rice on training women to be radicalization-detectors; UK’s three Syria-bound
girls, “I think the idea that you can give your life meaning by performing jihad, and that’s
very exciting”; Kerry on recruits’ Islam for Dummies; Earnest on Comey’s non-invitation:
“his boss was”, “violent extremist ideology that’s propagated on social media”, “countering”
vs “combatting”, FSB human rights jab
0:58:20 RT needling on Ukraine coup: “the next month, the Vice President Joe Biden, he popped in
to say hello as well”; Moscow anti-Maidan rally, JCD on Putin’s botches, “how is this a great
chess master”; Germany cancels Lithuanian armored vehicle purchase, Poland €33bn military
shopping spree; Matt Lee to Psaki on violation counts from Ukraine government: “you accept
their gure of 250 violations?”; World Press Photo contest: “Homophobia in Russia”
1:15:43 Donation segment #1; history of mac & cheese, “nine grams of protein” advertisement
1:35:33 ACC dinner with the banker: Greek theatrics, bank runs, on American banker salaries: “we
won”; Mechanics Bank sold; Whole Foods, JCD recommends Newman’s Honey Flax Flakes
1:42:10 Academy Awards entrement, ACC: “it consists of a shaved beet and some horseradish on a
spoon”; Spielberg thanked more times than God; Citizenfour, Fashion Police
1:48:18 Banker on China: big trouble; Chinese tourists buying Japanese bidets; the move from best
price to marketing; Chinese soccer schools, ghost cities; new TPP push
1:59:38 Al Jazeera background screaming guy; video producer “Final Solution Productions” arrests
2:05:45 Ebola drug brincidofovir trials cancelled; Eastern U.S. “big chill”, D.C. low breaking 1896
record; National Geographic “War on Science” issue; MSNBC to Bill Nye: “amen, st bump”
2:13:02 Donation segment #2; producer Toyota Hilux rebuild
2:24:03 Mars One reality show: ACC: “Dutch not so well known for their space exploration”; business
plan: “exclusive partnerships”, “sponsorships”, “broadcast rights”; seminalist Sonia Van
Meter story; producer note on pro-choice people being all in on mandated vaccination
2:35:32 Bill Clinton to Mexico on drug tracking: “we ran it overland”; current Sinaloa situation
2:39:07 Ashton Carter on retaking Mosul: “even if I knew exactly when that was going to be, I wouldn’t
tell you”; UN guy on “lissstsss” of Syrian war crimes; ad-hoc tribunal as ICC workaround;
Presidential memo on arming “appropriately vetted” rebels
2:45:16 89 children abducted in South Sudan; British schools as “citadels of censorship”; new French
law requiring ISPs to block terrorist and pedobear sites
697 StoogeLand (2015-02-19)
0:00:00 JCD: “Okay Google!” (2:29:47)
0:00:34 ACC post-New York u; herd immunity revisited; JCD: “you want codeine”
0:03:06 Smith-Mundt repeal revisited; sad news: Ashton “Ash” Carter throws Kirby under the bus;
pregnant Jen Psaki moving to White House, JCD: “oh, she’s gotta be the worst boss in the
world now she’s pregnant?”; “American State Department” Marie Harf on Hardball, ACC: “in
her idiocy, she’s become a genius!”, “it’s not just about dropping bombs on terrorists”, “we’re
killin’ a lot of ’em, and we’re gonna to keep killin’ more of them”, on job creation: “what
makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an AK-47 instead of trying to start a business”, AUMF
“not to take it to politics”; Hayden: “unless you change conditions on the ground, you get to
kill people forever”, “where we have been less good, is the production rate of those who are
going to want to come and try to kill us one, three, or ve years from now”; Harf: “we are
killing them and we will continue killing ISIS terrorists that pose a threat to us”
0:30:39 Carol CNN on ISIS recruitment of young Western women via Nutella, kittens, and emoji;
Wes Clark: “we need the authorization to follow the leads, put the troops in, and play this”,
zealots to ght Hezbollah, Ukraine-ISIS connection revealed
0:38:44 New beheading video with freakishly tall terrorists; Quilliam report on Libya as “strategic
gateway”, “launching platform” to attack Europe; Toyota Hilux for rebels; Sisi on unnished
Libyan mission; Sudanese President: CIA & Mossad behind Boko Haram & ISIL (CotD)
0:53:51 Obama on “terrorist Twitter accounts”, “your stu is often boring you’re not connected,
and as a consequence you’re not connecting”; ISIS burning bodies and harvesting organs; “no
form of atrocity or … gruesome death that they haven’t thought of” vs drawing & quartering
1:08:40 Donation segment #1; John Fletcher Johnny-on-the-spot with “Kirbyyy!”
1:25:52 JCD’s new Max Flat-Clinch stapler
1:29:28 Greece’s new bailout loan agreement; Yanis Varoufakis not a Syriza member; Lisbon Treaty
makes EU membership irreversible; BBC Channel 4 UKIP mockumentary
1:40:23 “Governor Palin” title retention, “Dr. Dvorak” in Brazil; Eric “lazy eye” Holder on whistle-
blowers: “I’ll use an extreme example, perhaps unfair”, Manhattan Project; fake whistleblower
John Kiriakou espionage charge over business card
1:54:48 NOAA’s 2013 58.24° vs 1997 62.45° average temperature; Cli Mass’ Weather Blog; NPR
“science denial” vs Nature article on origin of life; H&HS national adult immunization plan:
u, HPV, hepatitis, “catch-up” vaccines; mysterious doctor deaths including HPV vaccine
originator; Pew research on anti-vaxers: mostly young, anti-GMO: everybody
2:09:34 Telegraph political editor Peter Oborne resignation, native advertising
2:12:21 Donation segment #2
2:22:30 Drug-resistant CRE bacteria spread in UCLA hospital; 60 killed in Haiti parade accident
2:24:30 Kaspersky reveals $1bn in bank hacking incidents, HDD mal-rmware
2:26:41 Tech News: Hadoop big data promo video: “that’s the scoop with Hadoop”; ACC on Google
Now vs Siri vs Echo, Apple should buy Amazon; Koch brothers pro-Tesla on direct sales
2:39:04 Al Jazeera on West Virginia oil tanker crash & explosion, Bakken crude volatility; imsy
DOT-111 “the Ford Pinto of rail cars” banned in Canada; PBS silent on issue; “maybe we
dodged a bomb, we got hit by the bullet”
696 The Key Key Thing (2015-02-15)
0:00:00 ACC: “It’s bootstrapping on its own complexity in an exponential way.” (1:18:35)
0:00:34 JCD’s “two problems in my life”: losing ashlights and malfunctioning staplers; ACC’s Ama-
zon Echo pseudo-review: “if it had an Apple logo on it, everyone would be crapping them-
selves”; Jacques Ellul pre- and post-PC
0:11:36 CIA headquarters now on lockdown; ACC back from New York, Empire Bar & Grill strippers
0:13:51 Cyberattack prevention Executive Order; Kara Swisher “Mr. Tech” Obama interview: “we’re
hugely vulnerable”, Red Book: air trac control systems, “digital base”, “we’ve got to be able
to pull those companies together so they’re working together”, JCD: “it’s called collusion, it’s
against the law”, antitrust protection, “capacities to scoop up information”, “commercially
driven” European protectionism & Stasi, “we have owned the internet”; “I’m a strong believer
in strong encryption”, “our law enforcement is expected to stop every bomb on a plane”,
ACC: “you wanna put it in the book?”, “folks who want airtight encryption also want to be
protected from terrorists”; “everybody’s got to learn how to code early”
0:42:32 “Coincidental” Kaspersky disclosure of multi-bank malware hack; producer note on crappy
Anthem infrastructure and IT sta; “the cyber-secure smart home”; ACC on all the dating
sites, PBS on niche dating sites like, Paul Oyer on “rm-specic human
capital”, need to settle for good enough, ACC story on recognizing person from Tinder
0:58:49 Donation segment #1
1:16:12 Jason Silva: “exponentially emerging technologies”; sketchy Singularity University
1:25:14 “Happiest place on earth” Denmark shooting, cafe attack; Kurt Westergaard on self-censorship;
Ashton Carter conrmation, European call for “removing internet content that is deemed to
promote terrorism or extremism”, airline data sharing; Helle Thorning-Schmidt: “high alert”
1:32:05 AUMF hearings: Michael Flynn, Project for a New American Security; “inherent right of
self-defense” paper; START terrorism database; Canadian “planned mass shooting” arrests
1:40:29 Obama goodbye to Ron Klain: “we have risen to the challenge”; ebola “get to zero” summit
with the usual tech NGO suspects; Mill and Belinda Gates at Davos with Zakaria, U.S.
education system “fundamentally broken”, digital tools “the key key thing in education”;
Nicholas Kristof on “evidence-based solutions” in education
1:55:01 SNL Shark Tank skit: “we’re hearing ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, but your pamphlet says ISIL
1:58:01 Ukraine cease-re, Poroshenko’s phone calls during talks, Red Book: real Russian invasion
within a month; Pravda on Putin’s 9/11 evidence; Sarkozy on Crimea’s right to join Russia;
former Soviet ambassador on possibility of “another nuclear arms race”; Georgia’s Mikhail
Saakashvili to be Poroshenko aide; Ireland needs more jets; new $7.5bn IMF Ukraine bailout
2:06:31 HSBC’s Swiss division misdeeds revealed; Comey’s HSBC, Bridgewater connections
2:11:00 Oxford BioChronometrics research: 88-98% of clicks by advanced adbots
2:14:23 Donation segment #2; Viscount’s Camplite 16DBS trailer oer for Hot Pockets Sorrow Tour
2:29:05 Netix coming to Cuba; NBC: Congress 27.65% “unanimous” on vaccination; $3bn in vaccine
injury compensation since 1990; new Cuban HIV strain; synthetic polio vaccine research
2:33:38 Sir Tom the Minuteman Knight claims “double nickels on the dime”; no No Agenda militia
2:35:57 John Podesta tweet on failure to release UFO les; Philip J. Corso’s The Day After Roswell
2:38:09 West coast port labor dispute, JCD: “they dont want to give anyone any ideas”
2:41:26 Biden “butt buddy” comment; Josh Earnest on danger of climate change vs terrorism
2:44:03 Michio Kaku to speak in Austin vs John Kiriakou out of prison
695 Democritate (2015-02-12)
0:00:00 ACC: Aagh, hold on, he told us and then it happened, oh my God, it’s amazing how that
works!” (0:58:24)
0:00:34 Vaccine-induced mumps in Pacic Northwest; JCD’s Comcast squirrel woes xed, ACC: “these
fuckers are worse than ISIS”; “we need to kill them” Colonel Bogey March
0:04:36 ACC in New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania with tiny bed, window stuck open; snowmaggedon
ight cancellation disruption; police tape over hotel doors; data limits and tethering; I Can
Make You A Supermodel and Ugly George; Book of Mormon; ACC move to NYC logistics
0:21:41 Everyone using Houthies /ˈhu.θiz/ pronunciation now; “scattered reports of beatings and even
stabbings”, “they’re trying desperately to reach out to the United States”, “death to America”
slogan, “that’s just a slogan, we don’t mean it literally”
0:36:12 Obama’s proposed AUMF: “inherent right of individual and collective self-defense”; 3-year
term; “enduring oensive ground combat operations” not authorized, Operation Enduring
Freedom’s 13 years; “associated persons or forces” broadly dened
0:49:22 Video experts on burning man as Hollywood re-enactment; Producer Nathan on Twixtor
vector stretching in slow-motion; Assad’s Russia invitation; Kirby on Abdul Rauf droning: “he
decided to swear allegiance to ISIL probably no more than a couple of weeks ago”; 20k foreign
ghters meme; Michael Steinbach: “legitimate citizens’ traveling abroad is not something that
we choose to curtail”, JCD: “why don’t we just nd these 150 people and give ’em ten grand
each and tell ’em to stay home?”; Anonymous ISIL social media takedown, ACC: “pick one
slogan!”; history of The Jon Stewart Show; Rand Paul blames Hillary Clinton
1:18:34 Donation segment #1; “jipped” alternative spelling; No Agenda CD companion disc
1:42:28 Ukraine: Carol CNN apologizes for “Obama considers arming pro-U.S. troops” banner; Mc-
Cain pushes sending “defensive arms”; Munich Security Summit, “Normandy format” talks;
Putin on surrounded Ukrainian troops; Merkel at White House, Obama: “these are the facts”;
Dutch MH17 documents, 19 of 254 to be released heavily redacted; Cypress allowing Russian
military in; McCain on cluster bombs: “it’s partially our fault”; new Black Sea gas pipeline
2:01:25 Greece: Lagarde to reconsider Greek bailout proposal; toxic Greek bonds; cluster bombs only
forbidden against civilians; Greek bailout expiration, six week cycle at end of February
2:08:25 Rachel Maddow calls out the NBC execs for not coming on MSNBC about Brian Williams
suspension; Lester Holt: “rooting for him”; The Today Show “best wishes”, “truth and trans-
parency is our trade”; Joe Scarborough: “it is fair to say, looking straight into the camera,
I’ve seen a lot, I know a lot”; fabricated Sochi phone hacking story; Red Book: suicide
2:21:01 Donation segment #2; newsletter outrage over missing ACC sele; Hotel Pennsylvania seles
2:35:56 California Psychics as sign of depression cycle; No Agenda Psychic Friends Network skit
2:41:06 Second Half of Show: Neil Armstrong’s camera found
2:44:24 Transitioning from “ghting” to “extinguishing” ebola; Patty Murray shilling for vaccine man-
ufacturers: “we need to be vigilant about breaking down any barriers that families may face
when it comes to accessing certain vaccines”, CDC numbers on HPV vaccine take-up rates
2:49:04 Keystone pipeline bill passes both chambers, veto predicted; Psaki’s breast morphology revis-
ited; Matt Lee on agency recommendation submissions, “what happened to this transparency
idea?”, ACC: “he’s just saying, jeez, lady, your boobs are on your back and you’re talking crap
2:54:02 New York City arrest for police & gun emoji post; UK anti-Semitism ASBOs, “wherever you
spread hate, that’s not going to be legal”
694 Bend it Down (2015-02-08)
0:00:00 JCD: “And I’ve had people write in saying aw, that guy’s full of crap!
0:00:34 Rain in California, snow in New York thanks to rain stick; ACC New York meetups
0:02:08 ACC on zombication trend conrmation at Beatles Rain tribute, sele with Nurse Tracy
0:08:47 JCD on the origin of modern hugging, Bill Clinton as setting the country’s moral tone with
hugging and oral sex
0:12:59 Brian Williams scandal as second salvo in network war started with Disneyland measles;
Hurricane Katrina lies; Howard Kurtz: “a credibility crisis for NBC News”; Williams to Alec
Baldwin on “rounds coming into the airframe” (CotD)
0:22:50 Biden at Munich Security Conference on arms sales to Ukraine “not to encourage war, but to
allow Ukraine to defend itself”; Poroshenko: “immediate release of the khostages”; Hollande
on possibility of war, Lindsey Graham on Merkel’s decision not to arm Ukraine: “when you
turn down a reasonable request to help defend one’s self, is not our nest hour”; Dutch debate
over draft reinstatement; John Mearsheimer to Il: “it’s NATO expansion that’s the taproot
of this problem”; bloody-lipped new economic Minister Jaanika Merilo; Steven Pifer: “zero
enthusiasm in NATO … to enlarge to Ukraine” vs “command centers in Eastern Europe”, old
car sound eects on News Hour; Pifer: “it’s really kind of 19th century”
0:42:33 2015 National Security Strategy, Susan “the twerp” Rice, “international order”
0:46:56 Donation segment #1; ACC Kennedy “pain in the ass” jet ski story; McKenzie’s Perp Walk
1:02:22 Producer ISIS burning man video feedback; Jordanian airstrikes vs ISIS “propaganda” of
Raqqa schoolchildren; Prince Charles to meet with King Abdullah; Crusades meme at National
Prayer Breakfast, Islamic civil war meme in the media, “high horse” meme; history of the alley-
oop; Zakaria on ISIS plan backring; Obama: “so as people of faith we are summoned to push
back against those who try to distort our religion, any religion” (CotD)
1:27:18 James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause: “if he had guts to knock Mom cold once”; Mika
Brzezinski on hairbrush spanking, “bristle side down”
1:33:23 Ireland hospitals restricting visiting due to u outbreak, strain “drifted”; White House vaccine-
refusal mental disorder petition; Merck MMR vaccine lawsuits over falsied trial data, Mimi’s
measles diversity research
1:39:20 Donation segment #2
1:49:59 Tech News: Wheeler’s 333-page net neutrality proposal, FCC not allowed to change Title II
1:55:33 Obama podcast on stellar jobs numbers; Gallup article on 5.6% unemployment lie, Gallup
CEO: “I don’t think the government is misleading us at all I need to make that very, very
clear so I don’t suddenly disappear, I need to make it home tonight”
2:04:13 Jesse Draper’s Valley Girl shilling for Bitcoin: “you can give it to somebody else without any
shadow of a doubt”
2:08:57 Susan Rice’s contagious cadence, on climate change: “the science is clear”, “groundbreaking
climate commitment with China that will bend down the climate curve”; Christiana Figueres
on the task of changing “the economic development model that has been reigning for at least
150 years since the industrial revolution”
2:13:49 Obama’s former “body man” Reggie Love to be Cameron’s “chief of stu”
2:14:58 Queen Elizabeth head waiter: passengers can order “literally anything”
2:18:14 Jerey Epstein victim reporting FBI blackmail; Pentagon Viagra ration
2:19:54 Anthem as “second largest” insurer, China blamed, JCD: “this is industrial espionage”
693 Kunzite (2015-02-05)
0:00:00 bell, JCD: “Okay … we’re stopping the show, and we’re going to talk about this.” (1:35:53)
0:00:37 ACC admits to being a neat freak; reaction to Hot Pockets: The Tourette’s Tour
0:07:02 New ISIS “burning man” video; professionals: very expensive production; new Jordanian
uniforms, pilot’s slow motion walk to cage; Red Book: Assad falling to Jordan; Jordan’s
King in D.C., Armed Forces Committee chair: Jordan’s need for “fuel, and munitions, and
equipment” quickly, “reclaim the Muslim religion”; Wag the Dog vs burning scene, ACC: “if
we had made that at Mevio we’d be like, high-vin’”, Siskel & Ebert “dog of the week”; Brian
the Gay Crusader points out Max Headroom episode similarity
0:25:28 McCain on missing American leadership; Syria’s neighbors’ boots on the ground meme; Andy
Carvin post: “there is no way in hell I am going to share this footage with the
public”; Kirby: “it’s not tit for tat”; CIA guy: “the way it was released” skirting SITE connec-
tion, “very sophisticated special eects in this video”, “now using those skills to that regard”;
Josh Earnest: “commend to your attention”, “process that’s been informed by experts”, “put
forward a report today”, White House half-uptalk, “we’ll help chart a path forward”
0:45:54 Ashton Carter in conrmation hearing: “moderate Syrian forces and regional forces”
0:51:17 Secret Agent Paul’s magical shape-shifting Jews song
0:53:03 Donation segment #1; “sanity” in check memo; new No Agenda CD *This Week in Syria“
1:10:29 Koch brothers anti-Vietnam libertarian origins
1:11:40 American Heart Month, National Wear Red Day, African-American History Month, National
Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month
1:14:41 Josh Earnest on measles: “we don’t need a new law, we need people to exercise common
sense”; Rand Paul kookication, “the natural crowd”; distraction from ineective u vaccine;
Rand Paul’s strange voice; Roald Dahl’s daughter Olivia; Producer Nick’s friend’s ebola story
1:29:38 Japanese Producer on ISIS hostages in manga: “aren’t you responsible?”
1:32:43 Superbowl “gyp” ght over unplanned interception
1:35:46 ACC’s crystal class, kunzite & rhodochrocite; crystal for JCD to eliminate “yeah no”
1:42:22 Brian Williams’ RPG lie as Hillary Clinton callback, “I made a mistake in recalling the events
of twelve years ago”; lie repeated on Letterman in 2013; Williams’ cosmetic surgery origin
1:48:07 Anthem database hack; electronic medical record mandate; White House CTO Megan Smith’s
Digital Service promo video: “scrubbed in together on these fabulous cross-functional teams”;
Anthem indemnication through sharing agreement; Pelosi: “they’re baaaying at the moon”
2:00:06 Donation segment #2; JCD drone on the ceiling story; dating app Facebook woes
2:15:05 Six-week cycle due on March 1; FBI’s Thomas Fuentes: “you’re not going to submit the
proposal that we won the war on terror because the rst thing that’s going to happen is
your budget’s gonna be cut in half”, “keep fear alive”
2:16:18 Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Jews’ “problem of assimilation”, anti-Semitism
2:18:23 Greek Minister of Finance Yanis “Dr. Doom” Varoufakis economist-in-residence at Valve
2:21:58 The Hollywood Whackers, Randy Quaid video: “falsely arrested six times by TMZ”, “so
Rupert, you wanna fuck me, I’m gonna fuck you”
2:28:28 Ross Ulbricht conviction: “an investigation that took place almost entirely online”
2:34:59 Putin has Asperger’s; Chasing the Scream’s author on marijuana legalization in Uruguay
2:40:34 Witches in Tanzania; The Imitation Game’s single mention of Polish cryptographers
2:43:03 Tom Wheeler on Title 2: “ongoing rules, in perpetuity”, “bright line rules”
692 Crone (2015-02-01)
0:00:00 ACC: “A withered old woman.” (1:51:42)
0:00:32 JCD fogged in, bay vs tule fog, hundred-car pileups in the Netherlands, fog lights MIA
0:04:24 New Dutch listeners after ACC marriage bombshell; Dvorak collective: new Hot Pockets Tour
in Airstream trailer; Dutch gossip media diculty conveying notion of podcast
0:15:03 Tarik Zahzah Dutch NOS hijack: “we’ve been sent by intelligence agencies to talk about things
that are really heavy shit for the world”, post-event fade to black; outrage over Wie is de Mol
reality show preemption; ACC: nightmare about losing ability to speak English on the show
0:26:25 FAA Superbowl PSA: “leave your drone at home”; Jane Harmon Jeh Johnson interview:
“there are magnetometers everywhere”
0:34:25 Donation segment #1; Texas wines; slave barcode T-shirt at spin class
1:17:18 McCain: “get out of here you lowlife scum”, Kissinger: “people, and conict, and chaos”
1:20:07 Goto_DVD.mp4 released,, Brian the Gay Crusader analysis, ACC: “that’s
a horrible Photoshop job”; Japanese producer on Kenji Goto Jogo taking wife’s name, no
articles by him to be found; Haruna Yukawa’s Yoshiko Kawashima blog; Jihadi John’s boots
1:29:55 German warning to Greece: “we are dicult to blackmail”, “I hesitate to call it a government,
it’s more a gang”; the reality of corporate loan servicing; RT hit piece on British banks grab-
bing homes; Greece apparently stopping large scale asset sale; European deationary policy
favoring banks; Greece not a signatory on condemnation of Russia in Ukraine bus bombing,
possible inspiration for Hungary and others to break ranks; new Spanish anti-austerity “yes
we can” party, JCD on Spanish subway system; Stephen Cohen on new Cold War; Victoria
Nuland now a “crone”
1:53:44 The average Iranian is pro-American
1:57:47 Note on Attorney General candidate Loretta Lynch as Holder’s wife’s college friend; GWU
professor testimony on DoJ “obstruction” and “usurpation of legislative authority”; Holder’s
wife granted executive privilege over Fast and Furious; Sharyl Attkisson testimony: “one
White House ocial got so mad he angrily cussed me out”; Lynch to Sessions on immigration:
“I’m not sure if I know, if I understand the basis for your question”, JCD on misunderstanding
question trick to avoid perjury, “legal framework”
2:16:21 Hayden on “what constitutes unreasonableness” in Fourth Amendment, on Boston Bombing:
“a signicant fraction of our population, and not all of them wearing tinfoil on their heads
says, why weren’t you tracking those guys on the web”, JCD: “how would they even know
any of this if they weren’t tracking them on the web?”; “what constitutes reasonableness is
actually a product of the totality of circumstances in which we nd ourselves in history”,
“three thousand countrymen” meme
2:26:47 Donation segment #2
2:47:46 Failed Idaho “Add the Words” bill covering gender identity and sexual orientation discrim-
ination; JCD raises the Conchita Wurst self-identication situation, “sexual identity card”,
driver licenses required to board plane, ACC: “I recommend a yellow star on the clothing”
2:54:52 African Union head Robert Mugabe behind closed doors: “a good white man is a dead one”
2:57:02 Canadian Communications Security Establishment’s Project Levitation, “giant digital X-ray
machine”; Tom King to House of Lords: “I am not a tweeter, but we’ve got Facebook, we’ve
got Twitter. Somebody tried to explain to me what WhatsApp is I don’t know about them,
but what is absolutely clear is the terrorists and jihadists do.
691 Ten Minute Timer (2015-01-29)
0:00:00 JCD: “What is wrong with this idiot?”
0:00:32 JCD slurring intro, “I don’t drink!”
0:00:46 ACC’s Ms. Micky bombshell; CVC visit; ACC now in downtown Austin, “developmentally
delayed” at age fty, ACC: “now we can talk about important things like Tinder”
0:08:15 Podcasts as the next radio meme, No Agenda as pre-Serial
0:11:30 Miss Universe nalists: U.S., Ukraine, Netherlands, Jamaica, Colombia; incomprehensible
Manny Pacquiao question on message to “global terrorists”; Miss Netherlands: “I’m am-
bassador for child prostitution”; Miss Ukraine on removing swimsuit competition: “I feel
comfortable in anything”; Miss Jamaica on violence against women: “crime is a global phe-
nomenon”; Miss Colombia on women learning from men: “I believe there are still men who
believe in equality”; baby beauty pageant culture, “hot guys” comment in ACC’s spin class
0:32:16 Donation segment #1
0:48:06 Northeast blizzpocalypse dud predicted by new National Weather Service supercomputer;
Bridgeport Mayor: Al Sharpton “ghting the good ght on climate change”; Bill Nye weighs
in; San Fransisco Exploratorium modelling-resistant n-body problem; UK Met oce: 2014 not
statistically distinguishable as warmest; Bill Nye inategate break: “climate change is real!”,
ACC: “Bill Nye is Alex Jones” (CotD); Nantucket power outage; Earth Institute’s Jerey
Sachs: Republicans “just on the take”, Bono & Soros on advisory board, JCD: “crook” invites
libel suit
1:07:54 No Agenda vs endlessly repeated media lies; Al Jazeera on Assad’s supposed chemical weapons
1:12:54 States considering mileage taxes due to eciency and low oil prices; the ecological cost of
batteries; automotive tracking systems; producer note on automotive exhaust sounds not
penetrating “monkey shit” insulation, JCD on noise-canceling exhaust systems, “you’re too
tall for a Lambo”
1:23:19 Drinks and dinner with Eric the Constitutional lawyer at Fixe; Austin full of lobbyists
1:26:52 Feinstein’s replacement Richard Burr to return Panetta report
1:27:58 Two new ISIS videos: from ransom to prisoner exchange, “Mosul time”, 24 hour stay of
execution; SITE _DVD.mp4 Final Cut Pro lenames, ACC: “I didn’t know that they use a
lot of Macs over in terrorist-land”; Kirby telegraphs Mosul operation; James Kerchick on
defenestrated gays Twitter photos; Geert Wilders on “real face on Islam”; News Hour on non-
assimilating Muslims in UK; Denmark de-radicalization funding; Rotterdam’s Muslim mayor;
wimpy millennials not standing up for verbal abuse victims
1:55:58 Donation segment #2; “less than ten minutes to go, okay?” clip
2:10:58 Nicole Wallace on Letterman: Couric Palin interview; prompter fail at Iowa Freedom Summit:
“the man can only ride ya when your back is bent”, JCD on hardcopy backup
2:19:38 Obama in India, Modi and Indian version of “peace through strength”, military modernization
2:22:26 Win, Lose or Drone: quad-copter on White House lawn, PBS vs RT “they are essentially
toys” versions; Obama on FAA regulation: “the drone that landed at the White House you
can buy at Radio Shack”, Amazon drones
2:27:47 News Hour runs entire Koch Foundation advertisement
2:30:14 Candy Crowley to Obama on Cuba: “that you’re naive and they’re rolling you”, Obama:
“chess master … outmaneuvering Mr. Obama and this, that, and the other”
2:35:22 Auschwitz’ 70th anniversary, no invitation for Putin in spite of liberation by Red Army
690 Win by a Gyp (2015-01-25)
0:00:00 ACC: “Wait until the Texas oil companies close, there’s gonna be hookers for 35 bucks, don’t
you worry, there’s going to be plenty of it.” (0:46:00)
0:00:36 JCD slurring intro; ACC’s iRiver backup recorder; feedback on cross-cultural kissing, back-
pounding, football butt-slapping; the search for high-ve patient zero; toplessness in Europe
0:07:55 Greek election day: Antonis Samaras claims all undecided votes; no one calling Syriza “com-
munist”; the Goldman Sachs “free money” scam; ubiquity of loan renegotiation; George Pa-
pandreou where is he now?; European Central Bank quantitative easing: “lights were ashing
red across our dashboard”; U.S. dual citizenship laws
0:27:45 Oil price normalization, not deation; Gail Tverberg to Glenn Beck: low price leads to low
production, oil companies defaulting on loans, King Reagan synthoil “shutdown”, King Obama
raising interest rates, Beck: Saudis staying in the game even at $10; Obama on energy, 2010 vs
2015: “for decades we have known the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were numbered”
0:46:31 Donation segment #1; Harry Reid also beaten up tripped and fell in 2011
1:04:08 Huckabee on “six hundred radio stations”, explaining Mike Rogers’ DJ job
1:08:55 Mike Rogers to Brolf on Japanese hostage situation as “messaging deal”; Japanese TV analysis
of fake video; “this terrorizes people enough that they think ISIS is actually bigger than it
is” meta-analysis, jihadi competition meme, Rogers on Jihadi John intelligence: “you don’t
want to disrupt any activities in that lineage”; delayed video; Kenji Goto audio recording
in English, Haruna Yukawa still photo with oversized head on rump; Yukawa the homeless,
genital-cutting, Manchu princess incarnation; Tom Brady on deategate: “this isn’t ISIS”
1:35:44 Superbowl predictions: Patriots “lose by a gyp”
1:41:52 NOAA 48%, NASA 38% likelihood of 2014 warmest year; Robert Papp pushing Frozen propa-
ganda; Washington Post on “chemtrails crowd”, David Keith to Colbert on spraying additional
1% sulfuric acid into atmosphere, additional 10k pollution deaths, “you can do math”
2:00:41 Je suis Charlie identity card Citroën/Renault discrepancy; Iranian Über driver on Netanyahu’s
invitation as pretext for more settlements
2:06:22 Youtuber Presidential interviews; JCD story on doing Tech TV with Leo in his ear; Obama:
“the reason we even have colleges is that, at some point, there were politicians who said, you
know what, we should start colleges”; Hank Green: “I’ve not had a lot of time to debrief”
2:12:33 Donation segment #2; “we need to kill them” ringtone
2:25:15 BBG’s Andrew Lack likens RT to ISIS; RT needling on Saudi human rights under Abdullah,
Prince of Wales sword dance, instability prediction; Jordan’s king tricked out of crown
2:31:07 Boring Mill and Belinda Gates Foundation letter, sycophantic Nilai Patel interview
2:32:55 Yemen coup: possibility for Houthi-U.S. partnership against AQAP, “Yemen’s politics and
intrigue makes the word Byzantine seem simplistic”; Iranian Central Bank ditching U.S. dollar
2:39:50 Ukraine: Mariupol bus explosion, “out of my face, please” American mercenary, Poroshenko
with bus fragment in Davos, JCD: “so he’s a prop comic”, likened to MH17 and Charlie Hebdo,
“we will win the terror”; Psaki “shut up slave” to Gayane Chichakyan on Ukranian Minsk
Protocol compliance, Matt to the rescue; ACC on Psaki’s peculiar breasts
2:50:03 Hillary Clinton’s Putin/Medvedev comedy act
2:51:34 Kirchner backtracks on Alberto Nisman murder via social media; linguistic tea vs chai split
2:56:34 Tech News: “consumer data” trackers; automotive exhaust sounds routed
through speakers; The Imitation Game snubs Polish cryptanalysts
689 Code 44 (2015-01-22)
0:00:00 JCD: “She conked out!” (0:40:48)
0:00:31 JCD’s rainstick, ACC’s theremin app; ACC’s Ladybird Lake walk, LBJ Broadway play All
the Way, martial Greg Abbott inauguration parade, “code 44” means “watch for horse crap”
0:07:18 State of the Union: lowest rated Obama SotU, JCD’s pile of pre-SotU “watch it online”
White House e-mails; Obama: “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than
climate change”, JCD: “including nuclear annihilation”, “I’ve heard some folks try to dodge
the evidence”; Goddard Institute’s 0.02°±0.1° error margin, 38% likelihood 2014 was warmest
0:22:27 JCD’s network comparison: ABC’s ESPN-esque “next up” topic, superior PBS audio; Eliza-
beth Warren in bright blue; The Blaze MST3K treatment; channeling Clinton on ISIS AUMF:
“this eort will take time”; notice of continuing national emergency from Exec. Order No.
12947; Democratic eld organizer Rebekah Erler controversy; Big Block of Cheese Day feta
0:37:23 Senile Scowcroft with Zbig at Armed Services Committee hearing, “one of the big challenges in
this world is cyber”, “could be as dangerous as nuclear weapons”; Ruth Bader Ginsburg SotU
snooze; “who went to a real college?”; Zbig: “America, Russia, and China should therefore
jointly consult” on Middle East, laughter at China’s “acquisition of cyber capabilities of a
confrontational type”, “paralyzing an opponent entirely, without killing anybody”, sewers
0:52:51 Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal: RICO to include cybercrime, “wire, oral, or electronic
communication intercepting devices” if damage is over $5k; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
modernization: “exceeds authorized access”; NSA malware in North Korea, preparation for
“online guerilla war”; Snowden Nieuwsuur interview: “surveillance kings of Europe”, CIA
fears French intelligence, Dutch work for U.S. services; Obama’s disdain for “coders”
1:04:45 The Mentalist: “a woman named Vicki, I think, then a dude named Ben”
1:05:49 Donation segment #1; Christopher Lee Cornell gun store owner in cahoots with FBI
1:45:54 Bill gates on Tonight Show, at Davos pushing mobile payment systems
1:49:30 Shape-shifting Jews article; CNN Coulibaly surveillance video at “a Jewish institution”, “al-
leged” DNA; Vice on conspiracy theories, Alex Jones’ $10M; Boehner’s Netanyahu invitation
ap; UK Producer on no go zones, integration; German PEGIDA Abendlandes (Occident)
2:08:47 Erdoğan convening Cabinet meeting instead of Prime Minister in apparent power grab
2:11:01 Magical shape-shifting Jews straight out of Borat
2:12:02 New ISIS video: 72 hours to pay $200M ransom for Japanese citizen; Scahill: “Anwar Awlaki
was not even mid-level management at AQAP”; Australian “possible suspicious object”
2:19:10 AirAsia 6k feet per minute ascent: “not even a ghter jet would attempt to climb that quickly”,
ACC: “wait a minute, did he say Allahu akbar when he went into that amazing climb?”
2:22:04 Bearded James Holmes courtroom sketch, “clean-cut, wearing glasses”
2:24:00 Chatroom suggests AirAsia climb gives lie to 9/11 maneuvers
2:24:25 Iranian Foreign Minister working on gas transit with Afghanistan; Bob Menendez on Obama’s
“talking points that come straight out of Tehran”; No Agenda News Network Iran news feed
2:30:50 Donation segment #2; “Jake Gyllenhorn” ub
2:47:08 Ferguson: no Federal charges for Darren Wilson, 40 FBI agents
2:51:07 Chris Matthews stumbles on female President TV conspiracy
2:53:28 Net neutrality now “free and open internet”, draft legislation “blocking of lawful content and
non-harmful devices”; Michael Powell on FTC authority; CTIA promises lawsuits
3:04:43 QVC: “isn’t the moon a star?”, “no, the moon is a planet, darling” (CotD)
688 Threat Stream (2015-01-18)
0:00:00 JCD: “They’re turning us into Canadians.” (0:57:50)
0:00:32 The Prophet Muhammed and The Podcaster A. Curry; podcast awards
0:02:01 Everyone should speak French, except Kerry; Kerry’s Hollande hug, European cross-cultural
hugging and kissing conventions, JCD: “does it include a slap on the butt?”; Kerry brings
James Taylor to podium; depression in Denmark
0:09:43 JCD on Obama’s India trip security implications; Omidyar Modi connection
0:11:06 Twenty European terrorism arrests; Belgian troops after Abdel Hamid Aboud; Dutch confu-
sion, rumors about MH17 results; Greek terror arrests; Kouachi realtime dossier: “it’s here
that the process of radicalization seems to have begun” in 2005; American Sniper interviews,
Eastwood on Panetta Institute board; Kouachi al-Awlaki link, 30 police ocers meme
0:26:43 Charlie Hebdo cartoonist red for anti-Semitic cartoon; “magical shape-shifting Jews” theory;
French freedom of speech limitations, “emotional hang-hover”, Eleanor Clift: “it shows the
eort to nd the line between hate speech and free speech”; RT on al-Awlaki: “who radicalized
the radicalizer?”, new narrative: al-Awlaki’s son “blowed up” at barbecue
0:41:37 Bob Baer on ink cartridge bombs, hygroscopic underwear bomb; Mark Hartley: “we’re dealing
with an adaptive enemy”, JCD: “this explains, now, how they get themselves into those little
lamps that you rub”, “I’m very surprised we haven’t seen more attacks like occurred in Paris
in the United States yet”; Verviers terrorist gun battle; Panetta Institute, journalists in The
Interview; Jeh Johnson on new security measures “in reaction to some of the threat streams
we’re seeing now”, D.C. smoke incident terror what-ifs, Canadian “what would it be like if it
happened here”; CNN: “ISIS has created a really successful brand”, Let’s Get Social
1:04:26 Boehner called out on Christopher Lee Cornell, FISA vs social media
1:05:56 Donation segment #1; anonymous “bag check” douchebag callout
1:24:44 Religious Freedom Day; ACC drinking with banker friend, oil price analysis, euro screwed by