Bilderberg 2013: Probably England, Possibly Germany

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Jurriaan Maessen
April 8, 2013

Bilderberg-regular Neelie Kroes’ schedule seems to indicate that London will indeed be the location of the Bilderberg 2013 gathering- as Jim Tucker earlier reported. There is however a possibility of Germany hosting the elite confab this year.

Bilderberg sleuth James P. Tucker Jr. has recently reported that the coming Bilderberg-campfire will be lit somewhere in the vicinity of London, which casts doubt on a revisit of Chantilly VA this year. The possible date provided to the veteran journalist by his trusted source will be June 6-9.

“This is not absolute”, Tucker writes, “there is still evidence that the meeting will be held again at the swanky Westfields Marriott near Dulles International Airport June 21-26.”.

A recently published schedule by an EU information portal seems to concur with Tucker’s source. In the context of the “digital agenda” tour of longtime Bilderberg regular Neelie Kroes, who now acts as vice-president of the European Commission, a schedule has been published of her comings and goings this summer. The schedule reaffirms the validity of Tucker’s source- although that source hardly needs validating as he has been proven right on countless occasions.

The schedule has Neelie Kroes attending two separate conferences in London: she attends the Le Web conference in London from 5-6 June. Also in London, from June 12 to 14, she will be attending the Founders Forum. This makes it very likely that Bilderberg will indeed be taking place near London, as Tucker’s source has suggested. This schedule also confirms the expected date of the next elite confab, namely somewhere between June 6 to June 11 2013. As Kroes rarely misses a meeting, it’s probable Kroes will use the lapse between both conferences to make herself comfortable around the Bilderberg campfire.

Although it’s more than likely Bilderberg 2013 will take place near London this year, I have found other globalist schedules which seem to suggest (south) Germany as a possibility. After some investigating into the schedules of other Bilderberg regulars, Germany pops up as a possibility.

Why Germany?
At the end of April 2013 the current queen of the Netherlands will pass the torch of tyranny to her firstborn son, William-Alexander. The queen, who is annually present at Bilderberg, will in all probability hand over her Bilderberg activities to William and his wife. Now it just so happens that in the context of the queen Beatrix’ abdication, the royal couple’s first international visit as king and queen of the Netherlands will take them to south Germany from June 3 up to June 7. From June 12 onward, the king will tour several Dutch provinces, as he will in the weeks preceeding June 3. This strongly suggests the freshly anointed king will be re-anointed at Bilderberg from June 8 to June 11.

If Tucker’s source is correct, Bilderberg 2013 will take place from June 6 until June 9- which makes it probable that the king and queen will follow up their German tour by participating in the 2013 confab, during or directly after their South German trade mission. This of course doesn’t exclude London as probable location, as the king and queen may easily fly over to London in their private jet. However, viewed in the context of the other likely attendants and their German schedules, a location in Germany emerges as a possibility, suggesting that London may also be a red herring.

Siemens president Peter Löscher, for example, will be in Berlin on June 5 and 6, on a German industry meeting. In 2012 Löscher was present both in Chantilly, VA. and the 2011 Bilderberg meeting. If he is also to attend the coming conference, he will be available from June 7 onward, also coinciding with the king and queen’s visit to South Germany and other global players. Again: this does not necessarily indicate that Bilderberg descends on Germany this year, but it does make it likely that the annual confab will be held after June 6. Another Siemens top-gun, Peter Y. Solmssen, will chair a globalist meeting in Munich on June 7 and 8 on the subject of “Growth through Innovation”. We may assume therefore, this person will not be present at Bilderberg this year.

According to a preliminary schedule of the south German trade mission, the mission ends on June 6 at the South-German town of Friedrichshafen. Assuming the new king and his wife will also be attending this year’s Bilderberg, Tucker’s date (June 6-9) fits in nicely- as it does with Kroes’ schedule. Another royal regular to Bilderberg, the Belgian prince Phillipe, however will be absent as he is presiding over a Belgian trade mission to the US from June 2-9 2013. If this seems to coincide with a possible Chantilly-revisit, the schedule keeps his royal highness exclusively busy in California. This seems to indicate that the US will not host this year’s Bilderberg conference. In my estimation, the most likely scenario is that the prince will fly himself directly after to the unmarked location in Germany or the UK, joining the group as a delayed visitor on June 9.

Another indication that London is the more likely location to accommodate Bilderberg 2013 is the presence of Dutch Royal Shell’s “Petroleum executive of the year” Peter Voser (who attended Bilderberg in 2012), attending some speaking engagement in London on June 19 2013- some 9 days after the presumed conference date. This could speak in favor of a London gathering. On the other hand, the whereabouts of other globalist participants seem to indicate the conference may be held in Germany in 2013. I expect European president and Bilderberg wonderboy Herman von Rompuy will be present at Bilderberg this year. A check up on his whereabouts in June doesn’t reveal much, except that on June 7 2013 he will give a lecture in the Belgian town of Turnhout on “silence and leadership” (a combination Von Rompuy knows everything about). This could indicate Von Rompuy (a 2011 participant) will join his fellow transnationalists soon after his meditations, perhaps in nearby Germany. Otherwise he will be whisked away at the earliest opportunity by his taxpayer-funded jetliner towards London.

It just so happens that from June 4-7 2013 one of the biggest scam-conferences in Europe is being held, Green Week, featuring “high profile international keynote speakers”, according to the EU news outlet. It is very likely that the EU’s environmental commissioner Janez Potočnik will be present there (as he was in previous years)- again, nicely coinciding with the presumed Bilderberg conference shortly after. Perhaps Potočnik can pick up Von Rompuy on his way to Germany on June 7. In the other event they may share Business class seats on their way to England.

The schedule of Bilderberg’s new chairman, Henri de Castries, doesn’t tell us much either. De Castries will probably be attending the June 4 shareholder’s information meeting of his global company AXA Group in Toulouse France, as these meetings “are conducted by the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Henri de Castries or a member of the Executive Management”, according to AXA’s own website.

In short: studying the schedules of the usual suspects, we find that many of them are occupied until June 7 with other engagements, making them available from June 8 onward. June 8, therefore, seems a likely starting date. Because the new king of the Netherlands has handpicked Germany as the destination of his first official international visit, I suspect that Germany may yet turn out to be the actual location of this year’s gathering. In this context I would like to remind readers of a report published in September 2012, pinpointing the likely 2013 Bilderberg location based on Bilderberg’s almost 60 year history to be either Greece, Italy or Germany. Although London is still the most probable of possible locations, I submit we should not discount Germany- especially considering the fact that the king and queen of the Netherlands will most certainly attend Bilderberg this year as en encore of their visit in the beginning of June. I realize this contradicts Tucker’s invaluable information, which has proven correct so many times that it makes my insistent hypothesizing look like incoherent gibberish. There is one final consideration though, which makes me think of Germany as the possible landing spot of Bilderberg vultures this year.

In March of this year, the Trilateral Commission convened their annual meeting in Berlin, showing a heavy German presence there. The event was hosted by Michael Fuchs, and presided over by Bilderberg regular Jean-Claude Trichet, former head of the European Central bank. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel was invited to join the occasion, giving this particular meeting a special significance. Because the Trilaterals are by nature related to Bilderberg, it’s perfectly possible that the Berlin-meeting may prelude a German Bilderberg conference.

In the end the location of Bilderberg’s next meet-up is less significant than the subjects decided upon by the moguls who meet there. On the other hand, it would be nice to greet these globalists in the right location when they arrive to give them the welcome they deserve.

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27 Responses to “Bilderberg 2013: Probably England, Possibly Germany”

  1. Brandywine says:

    Annuit Coeptis=Jupiter/Zeus/Satan favours our undertakings.Why do you think the Ashke/NAZI’S moved the ancient Pergamum,altar of Zeus, from Turkey to Berlin? The same corperations and bankers that funded Hitler ,Ford motors,IBM,Arm and Hammer,Bayer aspirin on and on ,bankrolled the Rothschild Hitler in fact they created him. SEIG HIEL=OLD NORSE,HAIL APOLLYON THE DESTROYER,REV:911 COMING DOWN.THE FAKE ALIENS IS A COMIN, Jesus is Lord,

    • Anonymous says:

      you can’t even spell Sieg Heil

      every time you spam this, it’s misspelled

      How can anyone take you serious?

      With them moving their operation from Turkey to Berlin, they brough millions of Turks to Germany. Especially Berlin is infested and “diversified” into Ghettos.

      Very National Socialistic, right? Hitler worked on a united, homogenous society, not this faggot, Internationalist, anti-German Fatherland.

  2. Anonymous says:

    north korea colappeses,how only after the dust settles by that time will be fighting in north america .after amerca had no choice but to elemenate nk , after that china is invading america russia is in war 3 is well under way .thats another reason why they walked way, from nuke talks with iran . its coming all the super powers are taking position for the final battle of mother earth.water is dring up every where the north pole is melting .when the ice melts we all melt .it will be war for what is left to survive on .i think we all crossed gods red line .how can we stop this one way elemenate the countrys that are abusing are natural resources .and i dont meen for the elete to kill of the poor ,i mean ,for the poor to elemenate the rich ,for they are running the world into the ground ,they could stop this now if they wanted ,do you reely think rodman went to north korea to shoot the shit and shoot some hoops no one noes .but i say he was a messenger for someone .

  3. MikeWoodsTX says:

    I do believe the world is waking up to the terrible deeds these folks are doing. They have no soul and would use the flesh of human beings to light their cigars!

  4. angrydutchguy says:

    If you wear a Crown these days….. YOU ARE WRONG

    Alex, where is YOUR crown???

    All those clowns in government think they are royalty, down with those parasiting suckers.

    Good job infowars

    • angrydutchguy says:

      April 30th, 2013

      Bilderberg Bea abdicates;
      The TORCH OF TYRANNY is passed on to King Khafka; Willem Alexander.

      That guy is a total idiot, God help us all…..


  5. RickyConstitution says:

    Is anyone else listening to brodacast right now? I think AJ is losing it, lol. He said secret service agents are outside his studio with sheriffs, and just served him a supena because of a threating comment someone left on here. wow. they should confirm this via video, makes me wonder about aj

  6. dhenkle says:

    Civilian drone use, with the availability and quality of some of the toys out there, I think getting some sweet video of these goons will really piss em off. looking forward to that big gathering (burning man for the rich) thing they do near Sonoma CA every year. great place to fly quadcopters with go pro cameras

    • Anonymous says:

      it doesn’t matter where the scumbags go they have nowhere to hide
      bilderberg in “nazi-germany” that would be perfect
      & yes the nazi’s did win the war folks how else do you explain the bilderberg group,
      the trilateral commisson, council on forign relations, united nations, the eu & the tsa ect ?

      Everything is an alias

      • Anonymous says:

        I am pleased there is at least one person that knows these cockroaches are Nazis

        The war ain’t over yet !

      • Anonymous says:

        oh yeah, that’s why Jews are everywhere in office, he? AIPAC is the most influential lobby in the DC, not the Thule-Society or the German-American Bund.

        Jews also control Hollywood and dominate banking.

        Is there a giant Menorah on the White House lawn every december, or a Swastika?

        Are the borders open to flood the country with non-Aryans?

        Yup, 100% Nazi. Now I see it, too.

  7. RickyConstitution says:

    shyt mayne dem whyt men is gone wat do dey want to fo sho i knoe becus dem boys done lockd my ass up befoe wen i was ovasees in da service

  8. Semper Fido says:

    I’ sure if they had their “druthers” Bilderberg would rather have a quiet meeting away from the limelight, i.e. no protesters, no media attention but I can’t help but think that they are laughing up there dirty sleeves at this guessing game.
    And this article’s graphic is great—I get it, slick as ice.

    And good call on Hangman …err, Gallows Pole.
    I haven’t heard that one in decades.
    Was that on… LZ 3?
    Never mind, I’m sure I have it around here somewhere, I look it up myself.

  9. ankykele says:

    Check out the complete ATF FFL database on www dot mantisintel dot com you can see the complete list of 65,000 gun dealers!

  10. Anonymous says:


    Piss off to Germany scum bags

  11. us4freedom says:

    Ten years ago no one really knew much about them . Alex has pist off these elitist
    wherever it is held there’s going to be protesters. .
    World knows bilderberg has an agenda to kill off alarge part of the population and enslave the rest…

    • Anonymous says:


      50 years of scheming in secret like a bunch of greedy cockroaches to make billions of peoples lives turn in to misery and absolute SHIT

      Traitors to Humanity

      They better spend their next meeting figuring out how to get the f*** off this planet really quick because most the people on it have had enough of these sick freaks screwing everything up for decades.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Watch out sgtpepper, you don’t want the secret service after your ass!

  13. Anonymous says:

    28 of 36 Bilderbergers are Jewish:


  14. deltaalphaone says:

    I hope it’s NORTH KOREA for every last DA## one of them?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Concerning the date, what you wrote seems reasonable.
    Concerning the location: A Meeting on the island or somewhere on continental Europe is reachable within a very short period of time no matter where else in Europe you are a day before.
    To me Germany does not sound so far off: there are elections this fall, Germany pays for all the European debts, …

  16. sgtpepper says:

    shoot them all as they arrive! criminal elites must die!

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