Paste #3028: Veterans Obamacared! Part 6

 INSANITY - people who think the same government that
can’t even take care of those who fight it’s wars will
somehow be able to help manage the whole countries’
health care system along with it.
¤ Vets Died as VA Obsessed Over Renewable “Green” Energy ::
The sick and halt wait but the solar panels don’t.
 The administrators at the Veterans Administration have
apparently been busy while old soldiers waited to see a
doctor, after all. Serving those who served is not necessarily
a priority, but saving the planet is Job 1. Solar panels and
windmills can be more important than the touch of a healing
 The department early on set up an Office of Green Management
Programs designed to “help VA facilities nationwide recognize
opportunities to green VA, and to reward innovative ‘green’
practices and efforts by individual facilities and staff within
the VA.” This sometimes means paying more attention to greening
the department and saving the polar ice caps than to health care.
 In the department’s words, it adopted a far more important
mission to “become more energy efficient and sustainable, focusing
primarily on renewable energy, energy and water efficiency,
[carbon-dioxide] emissions reduction, and sustainable buildings.”
 The green office isn’t merely a desk and telephone tucked away
in the dark corner of a nondescript government building. It’s a
substantial undertaking, with all the luxury, bells and whistles
of a bureaucracy that means business. Eric K. Shinseki, who
resigned as secretary in the wake of the VA scandal of the sin
of omission, traveled the country to boast of the green initiative.
In one instance, he traveled to Massachusetts to flick the switch
at a half-million-dollar windmill project at the Massachusetts
National Cemetery. “Nationally,” he said, “VA continues to expand
its investment in renewable sources of energy to promote our
nation’s energy independence, save taxpayer dollars, and improve
care for our veterans and their families.
¤ More Vets Obamacared ::
¤ FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into VA ::
 Multiple internal investigations by the inspector
general and the VA have concluded that schedulers
throughout the VA system faced pressure from supervisors
to make it appear as though veterans were receiving care
within 14 days. In reality, veterans at many hospitals
throughout the country were waiting months to see doctors.
Hospital administrators’ bonuses and promotions were tied
to their ability to hit the 14-day target.
¤ Obama Regime Trying to Cover up the VA Scandal by
Issuing Subpoenas to Whistle-Blower Sites ::
LEAK INFO HERE » http://vbmwh445kf3fs2v4.onion/
¤ 100,000 Veterans Face Long Waits to See VA Doctors ::
 Some 100,000 veterans across the country are waiting
long periods to see doctors, according to an internal
Department of Veterans Affairs audit released Monday.
 The VA says it already has contacted 50,000 veterans
trying to get them quicker medical care.
 A total of 57,436 veterans across the country have waited
90 days to see a doctor and still did not have an
appointment as of May 15, the VA said. The agency also
found evidence that in the past 10 years, nearly 64,000
veterans who sought VA care were simply never seen by
a doctor.
¤ Midwest VA Hospitals Also Had Secret Waiting Lists ::
 The problems with delayed care and unauthorized wait
lists that caused a furor at a Veterans Affairs health
care campus in Arizona existed at several facilities
in the Midwest, but in much smaller numbers, VA officials
said in letters to two US senators.
 The Department of Veterans Affairs maintained 10 such
“secret waiting lists” of military veterans in need of
care at facilities in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and
Indiana, the letters said. They also said at least 96
veterans waited more than 90 days for treatment at seven
facilities in those states, including 26 in St. Louis
and 19 in Columbia, Missouri.
¤ Man Dies in Veterans’ Hospital After Police Stomped Him
for Trying to Leave ::
 When a 65-year-old veteran tried to discharge himself
from a VA hospital, he received a fatal beating from
police, his widow alleges in a federal lawsuit.
 Jonathan Montano, 65, survived the Vietnam War, but he
did not survive the Department of Veterans Affairs. His
widow, Norma Montano, has come forth with a complaint
against the VA describing how beating by police caused
him to die an untimely death.
¤ OBAMACARED! VA Hospital Staff Got $1,000,000 in Bonuses
While Therapy Pool for Wounded Vets Shut Down ::
Uncle Sam treats his pawns well.
¤ Relative Describes Squalid State of St. Louis VA ::
¤ Veteran to Colorado VA - You Owe Me a Leg ::
¤ Vets Around the Country Describe VA Hospital Experiences ::
¤ Shinseki Resigns ::
 Politicians want to sweep this injustice under the rug
from bad publicity because elections are drawing near.
In reality they don’t give a flying fuck about the vets.
¤ 1,700 Vets Left Off VA Hospital Wait List ::
¤ Internal VA Email Reveals Los Angeles VA Hospital
Manipulated Records ::
¤ The VA - A Window Into the Future of Obamacare ::
¤ Texas VA Run Like a ‘Crime Syndicate,’ Whistleblower Says ::
 Last week, President Obama pledged to address allegations
of corruption and dangerous inefficiencies in the veterans’
health-care system. But before the president could deliver
on his pledge, the scandal has spread even further. New
whistleblower testimony and internal documents implicate
an award-winning VA hospital in Texas in widespread wrongdoing
—and what appears to be systemic fraud.
 Emails and VA memos obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast
provide what is among the most comprehensive accounts yet of
how high-level VA hospital employees conspired to game the
system. It shows not only how they manipulated hospital wait
lists but why—to cover up the weeks and months veterans spent
waiting for needed medical care. If those lag times had been
revealed, it would have threatened the executives’ bonus pay.
 What’s worse, the documents show the wrongdoing going unpunished
for years, even after it was repeatedly reported to local and
national VA authorities. That indicates a new troubling angle
to the VA scandal: that the much touted investigations may be
incapable of finding violations that are hiding in plain sight.  
 “For lack of a better term, you’ve got an organized crime
syndicate,” a whistleblower who works in the Texas VA told
The Daily Beast. “People up on top are suddenly afraid they
may actually be prosecuted and they’re pressuring the little
guys down below to cover it all up.”
 “I see it in the executives’ eyes,” the whistleblower added.
“They are worried.”
 The current VA scandal broke in Phoenix last month, when a
former doctor at a VA hospital there became the first whistleblower
to gain national attention. The doctor's allegations of falsified
appointments—and veterans dying while they waited for treatment
—unleashed a wave of similar claims from VA employees nationwide.
In Cheyenne, Wyoming, Chicago, and Albuquerque, more VA
whistleblowers came forward claiming that the same fraudulent
scheduling was being used in the hospitals where they worked.
At last count, the VA inspector general’s investigation had
expanded to 26 separate facilities.
 The torrent of claims led to Senate hearings, calls for VA
Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, multiple investigations
and President Obama’s own public statement last week. Paul
Rieckhoff, founder and chief executive officer of Iraq and
Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), believes that even
more revelations are coming.
 “This newest case just further illustrates that the scandal
is much more far reaching than most people realize,” Rieckhoff
said, “Phoenix was just the tip of the iceberg. Scandal has
become the new normal, it’s the status quo at the VA right now.”
 But, despite the political uproar and the growing investigations,
the root causes of the VA crisis have remained murky. New
documents and whistleblower testimony obtained by The Daily
Beast shed light on exactly how fraud is being perpetrated
in the VA and its underlying causes.
 There’s enormous pressure to report favorable wait times for
VA patients, the Texas whistleblower explained, even if those
wait times are completely false.
¤ Infowars Investigates the VA’s History of Neglect ::
¤ Yet Another Vet Obamacared - Widow Claims Veterans’
Hospital Police Beat Her Husband to Death ::
¤ FLASHBACK! Obama in 2008 - VA Will be Leader of Health
Care Reform ::
¤ VA Scandal Is the Future of Obamacare Says Palin ::
 “Government health care will not reduce the cost; it
will simply refuse to pay the cost,” Palin wrote in 2009
while predicting “death panels.” “And who will suffer the
most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and
the disabled, of course.”
¤ VETS OBAMACARED ; VA Has Already Admitted 23 Veteran
Deaths Linked to Delays in Care ::
 Delays in endoscopy screenings for potential gastrointestinal
cancer in 76 veterans treated at Department of Veterans
Affairs hospitals are linked to 23 deaths, most of them
three to four years ago, according to the VA.
 The delays occurred at 27 VA hospitals with deaths at 13
of the facilities.
¤ VETS OBAMACARED ; Director of Phoenix VA Hospital Where
Vets Died from Delays Received $8,500 Bonus ::
¤ VA Delay Obamacared Washington State Man ::
¤ 0-care ; Louisiana VA Staff Falsified Documents ::
¤ Whistleblower Reveals VA Corruption & Abuse ::
 VA Supervisor said older veterans should be “taken
outside and shot in the head” to save money!
¤ Veterans Have Felt the Wrath of Obamacare for Years ::
 New scandle breaks out after veterans die while having
to wait for medical care.
¤ How Much The Government Cares About You ::
¤ FLASHBACK - Obama Promised to End Deplorable Conditions
at VA Hospitals - Now Spreads the VA Scandle Throughtout
the Country With Obamacare ::
¤ Veterans Know “Obamacare” Because They Already
Have It ... and It SUCKS! ::
 By now, the slow-motion train wreck that is Obamacare
has been well documented, as new revelations about the
law become known to the public. From antiquated technology
to cost uncertainty to not keeping your doctor, the reality
of government-mandated health care is smacking Americans
in the face.
 But for America’s war veterans, this is all old news. If
you’re looking for an even more damning glimpse of
Obamacare’s future, ask a military veteran about their
experiences with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
You will not find their responses reassuring. ... ...
 When their benefit claims are stymied by the VA’s Kafkaesque
bureaucracy, veterans often recite a mordantly cynical refrain:
“Delay, deny, wait till I die.”
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