Inside Bilderberg: Clues left in the Grove Hotel reveal another piece to their financial agenda

21st Century Wire says…

As the dust had settled from Bilderberg’s global weekender held at The Grove Hotel in Watford, England, some members of the alternative media stayed on site continuing to dig for answers…

Investigative journalists from the UK Column, American Free Press and Sovereign Independent accidentally wandered into a presentation suite at the Grove – only discover the remnants of a presentation by Thomson Reuters which Bilderberg organisers had neglected to take down after the event. It read “”unleashing the power of our unified platform on financial markets”.

Of course this reminds us of a similar international cartel , or syndicate called LIBOR, where bankers successfully gamed global interest rates enabling them to reap easy billions at the expense of the lower classes. Money for nothing. They did so with impunity, all but laughing in public at any attempt to bring any of the gold collar criminals to book for financial fraud and racketeering.

It’s no coincidence that LIBOR’s biggest inside player was also in attendance at Bilderberg 2013. The teflon banker himself – the elusive Marcus Agius, the former Group Chairman of Barclays, and chairman of the British Bankers Association (BBA). It’s worth pointing that LIBOR’s rate scam was being calculated and published by Thomson Reuters on behalf of the BBA.

Only days after, events on the news wires – of international banking tycoon gaming the world’s currency markets – provided the connection to this topic discussed behind closed doors between members of the global industrial and political elite.

Decide for yourself…
A New Financial Scandal – Bigger Than LIBOR?

Mike Robinson
UK Column

Last Monday, our Malcolm Massey, Neil Foster and Mark Anderson took a post-Bilderberg walk around the Grove Hotel to see what they could see. What they found was a meeting room with a Thomson Reuters display panel. 

The display panel with Thomson Reuters logo clearly marked was entitled “unleashing the power of our unified platform on financial markets”.

A Bilderberg Agenda Item?

PHOTO: UK Column found Thomson Reuters boards still up from Bilderberg.

Why would Thomson Reuters advertise to Bilderberg Attendees? It is easy to see that Reuters would do so at a financial event for City of London traders or casino bank managers, but politicians and industrialists? How likely is it that the attending bankers were not already aware of the implications of Reuters trading platforms?

Was this just an advertisement, or were Reuters running some kind of presentation? Those who saw the room first hand certainly left with the opinion Reuters had given a presentation of some kind.

If that is the case, then the question becomes what is meant by “unleashing the power … on financial markets?

Perhaps some news released by Bloomberg yesterday gives a clue what happens when Reuters trading platform is unleashed on financial markets, for we seem to have yet another global manipulation scandal on our hands, possibly even more significant than LIBOR.

Bloomberg reported yesterday that five whistleblowers who have been working as foreign exchange traders have stated that the $5 trillion foreign exchange market is rigged. They allege that the world’s biggest banks have been systematically manipulating the foreign exchange rates used to set the value of trillions of dollars of investments and derivatives. The main target of this has been pension funds all over the world.

Not surprisingly the centre of this activity has been the City of London, just as with LIBOR.

The traders told Bloomberg that the banks were actively trading against their clients by making use of a 60 second window in which trading is supposed to be paused. The traders told Bloomberg that, “dealers colluded with counterparties to boost chances of moving the rates.”

The Financial Conduct Authority, one of the bodies set up to replace the Financial Services Authority, says it is investigating and is speaking to the relevant parties.

Which platform is used to distribute the Foreign Exchange rates? None other than Thompson Reuters, as with LIBOR. The same Thompson Reuters which took part in Bilderberg.

Watch this episode of the UK Column Live below, as Mike and Brian break down the latest international financial coup d’état:


  • mijj

    what is needed is an anti-Bilderberg .. some kind of totally Open something or other involving some people or other with experience of being politically and economically hounded and/or experience of successful defense/evasion against being politically and economically hounded


    • ryan_langemeyer

      Any opposition that is totally open will be totally smashed by the Bilderbergites and their mercenaries – see: anything Occupy. To be able to destroy the Bilderberg Oligopoly would require a secret, extremely well funded subversive group to infiltrate and poison it from within, and physically dismantle it from without. And here’s the key to not creating yet another monster in our midst: It must be completely disbanded and disassembled upon its success. The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) of WWII morphed (some might say Frankensteined) into the CIA, which must also be destroyed; but I think you get my point.

    • DeSwiss

      Not anti-Bilderberg, but 0-Bilderberg. Not oppose, but withdraw.

      They need us. We don’t need them. :-|

  • oroborius

    I suspect that this years Bilderberg had a number of important topics to discuss. Iran and BRICKS and how best to avoid another financial meltdown of western economies for another year. These are three essential elements that the Bilderberger’s need to address. As usual, governmental and foriegn policy over the coming months will be shaped and executed through what was said and discussed at Bilderberg on a policy driven level. How to re-organise the world’s financial systems to fit the ruling plutocracy needs will certainly be an important takling point. Then we have the security of the worlds food supply and how best to manage/control worldwide food development and distrubution to the great unwashed populations of the world. It’s pleasing to see that this private organisation is being brought out into the open, but Bilderberg is just one of so many seperate ruling class gatherings worldwide which vertually take place nearly every day of the year.

  • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

    What if they intentionally left that up to mislead us?

    • Sueychop

      Did you miss the part about: “Bloomberg reported yesterday that five whistleblowers who have been working as foreign exchange traders have stated that the $5 trillion foreign exchange market is rigged.”???

  • Sueychop

    Take at least SOME money out of your bank now.

  • Tremble

    Great work!
    But; the focus is on the chief execs of the banks as usual, surely the focus should be on the owners and majority shareholders of these banks. These are the Uber rich in ‘society’ who are also the major shareholders of the worst of the multinational corporations, they are the ones setting the agenda- the globalist agenda.

  • Tremble

    What would of been really handy is for someone to have had a ‘root around’ in the hotels rubbish, I bet there was some real juicy scandals on its way to landfill now…

  • disqus_DFnvCRTlP9

    An open source trading platform is needed.

  • disqus_DFnvCRTlP9

    “Any opposition that is totally open will be totally smashed by the Bilderbergites and their mercenaries”. Not with a decentralized open source process. Microsoft tried to squash Linux, which is built using the decentralized open source process, but it just backfired on them.